Pay as you go billing per megabyte

It would be cheaper for me if data was billed on my pay as you go plan in a unit smaller than a GB



  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the feedback! We've billed at smaller increments in the past but as of now the current plans are all set up to bill for set allotments of data or for the Flex 1GB at a time. We appreciate you sharing and if we do make any changes to the billing I'll double back here to let you know.

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  • It's disappointing that the Flex Plan is described on the plans page as "$10/mo +$5 per shared GB of fast data."

    It is not "+$5 per shared GB."   If it were, you could use 150MB of data per month but pay nothing until the 7th month. And in that month you would pay $5 because you had used 1 GB of data.   *That* would be "+$5 per shared GB."   Instead, the Flex plan is costing people at that usage level $35 per shared GB. 

    That's dishonest communication, using deceptive language.  The Flex Plan would be correctly described as:

    "$10/mo +$5/mo for up to 1 shared GB of fast data."



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