Xiaomi Qin 1s+

Matthew F. Digman

I have read this phone works on T-Mobile and US Mobile.

It has

2G GSM(2/3/5/8)
3G WCDMA(BAND1/2/5/8)
4G FDD(BAND1/B2/B3/B5/B8)
4G TDD(B38/B40/B41(100M))

It also supports VoLTE. However, the Ting IMEI checker says it's not supported.

I'm using the X3 SIM, and I can "see" networks - T-Mobile 2G, 4G and have copied the APN settings for Ting. I did see the phone on the Dashboard briefly, but then it reverted to my old phone. Did Ting block the phone or is there something else that I can try? Thanks for your advice.




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    Bryce W

    Hi Matthew,

     The GSM network needs bands 2,4, and 12 along with VoLTE to be compatible with our X3 SIM. With the VoLTE the phone may support it but if it is not certified by our network partner with the right software it won't work. 

     Our checker does look for these things so if it came back as not supported I would not suggest using it. The band 4 and 12 not being available on the phone is probably the reason why. Our network partner runs the LTE services over band 12. 

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    Brandon Saxe

    I have tried T-Mobile SIM, Verizon SIM, and a TracFone AT&T SIM.

    T-Mobile and Verizon can only do 4G DATA, but cannot make calls. Essentially the phone becomes a hotspot. T-Mobile 2G Edge for calling may work. But not sure how long T-Mobile 2G will be around.

    Tracfone AT&T SIM has HSPA+ connectivity. It can make calls and do data. Not sure if this "3.5G" network is considered "3G" or "4G" for the sake of the "3G" retirement plan.

    My AT&T SIM is really just for testing for now. It may continue to work after Feb 22 when supposedly AT&T will retire it's "3G", whatever that means.


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