Librem 5 USA


  • Hey Daniel!

    After looking at a few more of the specs, specifically the bands and frequencies listed here, it appears the phone is missing 4G band 4, which means it wouldn't work on Ting Mobile. 

  • Follow up question…

    Here is a link to some more info on the Librem hardware.
    There are three different configurations currently available (i.e. A1, E1 and T1). Is anyone of these compatible with the US Ting network or do all three not have the required band you stated above?
    Thanks again,

  • Hi Daniel,

     The A1 has the right bands (we use bands 2,4, and 12). The one thing I noticed when I did some googling is that VoLTE doesn't seem to be available on all MVNO's which might be the final hurdle on this phone. 


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