Will Xiaomi Redmi note 9S work with Ting

Wondering if this phone will work on Ting. The chat support says it will, it shows coverage with T-Mobile. Are there any additional APN settings to know about? Currently using this phone with consumer cellular, which uses AT&T here in my area, and lately their service is getting bad. Just curious before I make the switch to Ting. Presently live in the hill country in Texas. Just a couple of bars on the bandwidth would be an improvement.




  • Hey Rick, thanks for reaching out.

    Depending on the specs of your phone itself, it may be lacking a few key bands that are required for our networks. I’d recommend reaching out to our customer support so they can check the specifics for you and the network coverage in your area as well.

    Also, double-check with Consumer Cellular to make sure that the phone is not network locked before you try to activate with Ting. Here’s how you can add the X3 APN settings to the phone after activating. 

  • There's also a dialer code to turn on VoLTE - this is needed for call/text to work, but LTE will work without it.

    To use it, open the phone dialer, and enter in:


    It will flash a message on the screen briefly: "VoLTE Carrier check was disabled" and then calling/texting should start working if LTE data was already working.


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