Samsung A32 5g, WIFI Calling Gone
Moved this new Samsung A32 5G Android 11 GSM mobile from T-mobile to Ting, after assurances from Doug, (in sales), that it would work on Ting's network. The option was in my phone app settings menu, but disappeared immediately after activation on Ting. Tech support made a valiant effort, but couldn't bring the feature back. We planned on moving 3 lines of service to Ting Mobile, but this failure freezes that option, as we have zero availability for any tower signal in our home. We're dependent on a T-mobile CellSpot (Nokia), and our broadband, but without WIFI Calling we can't leave T-mobile. Unless of course, Ting has a free replacement for the T-mobile furnished booster/broadband converter. Anyone have a solution that doesn't compromise call quality?


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  • Hi Dan,
     We don't have any boosters and if WiFi calling is a must in your area then it might not be wise to move the other lines to Ting Mobile unless they are using iPhone. Right now we can only guarantee WiFi calling available for iPhone running iOS 14.0 or higher. 

     The issue with Android phones right now is something that our team is working on but it requires additional help from our network partners and for the manufactures of the phones as well. I don't have an ETA on when WiFi calling will be available universally across Ting Mobile at this time but as soon as it is we will be letting everyone know.  

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