Problem receiving calls/texts with Moto E5 Play
Recently purchased used phones (2 of the same) Motorola e5 Play and switched to Ting. Have had nothing but trouble with receiving calls/texts and sometimes making calls. They will frequently go right to voicemail. I've spoken at length with customer service--even supervisors--with zero resolution. I've tried all recommended troubleshooting, new SIM, network reset, APN settings, etc. This happens on and off WiFi. I've already checked all settings on my Device on my account online, everything is enabled. I have a strong signal, and my research shows this phone supports VoLTE and Band 12 LTE which I read can be an issue. It seems a lot of people have this issue with Ting but I never read the resolution to the problem. This is unacceptable for me as a new customer, especially since one of the phones is for my child who is relying on the phone to be home alone with. Customer service did not seem concerned at all with my dissatisfaction and lack of resolution to my problem. Any further tips or issues with this same phone would be appreciated. Otherwise I will be switching all 3 of my accounts OUT of Ting and spreading the news of their poor service.


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  • Hi Bradley,

    Sorry to hear there has been trouble with your connection. Looking at your account and chat history it does appear the issue is coverage related so I'd suggest trying to enable Wi-Fi calling at your home to improve your signal, with that said I do understand if a lack of coverage at your home would cause you to switch your lines over to another network.

    If you have any questions or would like a hand moving your number please follow up with support and they can help.

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