I am SOOOO Frustrated

My Ting Sob Story.

So for years I had an ancient Sprint "smart" phone using Ting as a long time satisfied customer. I never used data with that phone. The only real downside for me was in some locations I had bad coverage and I could never read any MMS text messages. I'd get a [download] icon in the text message and nothing would ever download. The phone was ALWAYS in roaming. Even at home.

Then a few months ago Ting started badgering me to change phones because some network was going away and my phone would soon not work at all. So, when my dear mother recently finally departed us, and her barely used Samsung Galaxy S10e, that was a 2nd phone on my sisters Verizon account, was offered to me for a very nice price.

I plug the IMEI into Tings compatibility checker and it comes back all good. BYOP good to go. So I do the order for a SIM for $1 thangy and a few days later it arrives. I factory reset the S10e and insert the new Ting SIM. After some screwing around with the activation online process I finally get it to go and an hour later I have cell service. This phone is also in "roaming" all of the time, even at home.

So I decide I want to use mobile data for online Maps while traveling for a change, But I can't get a data connection. After a couple of online chats, jumping through a bunch of flaming hoops with various  resets and network config being entered and re-entered again, I'm told they can't issue me a SIM that will get data. I follow up with an on-line support request - they tell me I cannot get data. Somehow I am bound to T-Mobile or something. The details have not been made clear. Also; I cannot read MMS text on this phone either. My entire large family communicates constantly with group texts and I STILL can't read any of them.

The on-line support request came back with essentially the same answer. No data possible. They haven't even offered me path to actual solution, or some way I might rectify the situation. Do I need a different phone? Do I need to change accounts? WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!! What do I do???? Just look for a new carrier perhaps.

These issues should have been made plain to me before I ever considered purchasing a different phone.

I am so disappointed as well as having wasted a bunch of money on a phone that only half works.

Livid in Wisconsin





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