Hypothetical Flex plan comparison

My current plan is one of the legacy 'pay as you go' plans.  Last month's bill is as follows:

  • Minutes          365 minutes          $9
  • Messages      303 messages      $5
  • Data               665MB                  $16
  • Devices          3                           $18
  • Gov. fees, taxes, etc.                  $8.89
  • TOTAL                                        $56.89

If I'm understanding the Flex Plan correctly, the above bill would be like this?

  • Minutes          365 minutes          $0
  • Messages      303 messages      $0
  • Data               665MB                  $5
  • Devices          3                           $30
  • Gov. fees, taxes, etc.                  $8.89
  • TOTAL                                        $43.89


  • Hi Mervile, 

     That's correct. It looks like you'll save some by making a switch to Flex. 

     If you want to make the switch the plan change would take effect on your next billing cycle. Plan changes would be done through our customer support and they would be able to walk you through all the details. I can link you to the contact information if you need it here.

     One note is if you do switch you won't be able to switch back to the legacy rates as we no longer offer them. 

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  • Hi Merville,

    We switched to from a legacy plan to the Flex plan and while it's nice to have unlimited talk and text, several things we were not aware of were that 1. Since the cost of each line will increase from $6 to $10, you will play more in taxes (Sales tax, Utility Users tax, Fed USF Cellular tax) under the Flex Plan.  Our taxes increased about $5 (we have 4 lines); and 2. Data is billed in increments of $5 per 1GB and any unused data does not roll over from the prior month (as with the Set plans).  Since data is more expensive under the legacy plan, we made the switch but under the incorrect info that unused data would roll over to the next month.  Ting did make amends by giving us a $25 credit for the misinformation but now we cannot switch back and are stuck with the Flex Plan.  This said, we aren't paying more for our service (just more taxes!) and we get to enjoy unlimited talk/text (but still need to monitor our data usage), but we also are not saving as much money as we thought we would.  FYI - our most recent bill was $50 (4 lines + 2 GB of data) but it ended up being $65.15 after taxes.  Hope this helps.


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