New Sim Card, no data functionality

Hi, recently noticed less data service when out working.  I need the data for work and navigation.  An email from Ting told me I needed a new sim card, so I did all the necessary steps.  Having transferred, now I get a lot of service drops and data is non existent.  I have a Moto G7 Play, is it sufficient for the new carriers or do I need to purchase a new phone?  Thanks.



  • Hi Jeff, 

     Thanks for reaching out. The Moto G7 Play does have the band 12 and VoLTE so you shouldn't have to get a new phone to get the connection going. 

     What I might suggest is double-checking the APN settings of the phone. We have a guide that walks through the setup for the APN's on Android here. If you give those ones a try and you're not picking up data you can also try our network partners APNs as an alternative, I'll link you to those here

     Those would be the first troubleshooting steps to run through. If you are still not picking up data after giving those a try it might be something with the towers in the area or the account that our customer support team would need to investigate. 

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  • It worked!  Thank you for your help!

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