Do all recent THX3 SIM cards try to text 720-651-5044 every time the phone reboots or is it only some of them?

If you have a recent X3 SIM, since July 2021, please check your messages on your past several bills to see if you have a few out-going text attempts to 720-651-5044 each time your phone reboots.  It happens on both Android and iPhones.  It also happens for people on Boost, which, like Ting, is also owned by Dish and using the T-Mobile network.  The Ting SIMs are labeled 53.70.  The Boost ones are labeled 52.70.  I'd like to know if there is anyone who has a recent SIM whose phone is NOT trying to text that number after each phone reboot.

Even more, though, I'd like to hear some high level (engineering or executive) response from Ting or Dish explaining these texts and what is being done about them beyond the dubious "we're looking into it" and then closing the ticket three days later.

Other people with the issue have been posting in 




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