Option to permanently disable 2FA on account

Because there is an alternate method to bypass using 2FA, it doesn't truly provide any additional security to a Ting account, it's simply an additional hassle and poor customer service experience.

If there was no alternate method, then losing your phone (and along with it, your SMS and authenticator app) would mean you couldn't login to Ting to replace your phone and SIM. So that's not a good option either.

So, please provide an option to permanently disable 2FA on my account, rather than giving a spammy pop-up every time I login to my account in an attempt to force me to enable it.

I just spent 40 minutes in chat with support until they finally told me there is no current way to disable 2FA.



  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for reaching out! All Ting accounts now do require 2FA as a security precaution. The security and safety of our customers are extremely important to us so there is no way to bypass or permanently disable the feature. We appreciate your feedback and will pass along your concerns to our team.

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  • Yes, I understand that Ting is requiring 2FA. Hence my feature request to allow customers to opt out of it.

    There is no real added security from Ting's implementation of 2FA. In truth, whoever controls an account's email account controls their account with Ting. Adding a bunch of hoops for your actual customers to jump through is not an improvement.

    But people can have their own opinions. I'm not asking for Ting to remove their 2FA from anyone who actually wants it, I'm asking for Ting to respect their customers who don't want it enough to provide a way to opt-out, rather than be forced into a bad customer experience.

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  • The OP is exactly correct. As currently implemented, Ting's "2FA" (deliberate scare quotes) is mere security theatre, and provides no additional security.

    David Brick, Santa Cruz CA

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  • I am currently having a problem because I have always signed in using Amazon, and now I can't set up 2FA because I don't have a password with Ting and I cannot even access my account settings because there is a popup requiring my password to set up 2FA blocking me from doing anything. Whether it adds true security or not, it's currently locking me out of my account.

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  • I concur. 2FA is a waste of my time. If people feel better having it, let them. But give us an option to opt out permanently.

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