Purchasing a phone from Ting is a terrible experience

Jun Ren

I made an order last Thursday evening to purchase a iPhone 12 for my daughter, and picked and paid for 3 day delivery. It is Wednesday today and I still haven't received it. It is my daughter's B-day and this is a present for her. The FedEx tracking shows it will be delivered today but we have a reservation this evening in town and we may not receive it before we leave for dining. The problem is that 3-day delivery is misleading because if I ordered last Thursday evening, I should have received by yesterday. Ting purchasing department is not really doing their work. I have given Ting very good ratings in the past even though whenever I travel, I lost my cell phone signals where our Verizon phones always have signals. Now the purchasing is such a bad experience, I will reconsider future Ting ratings and other mobile vendors. Too bad that I didn't purchase an iPhone 12 from other sources where I could get free and faster shipping and better prices!



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    Tabetha Sheppard

    Hello Jun! Sorry to hear about the delay regarding the shipping of your device. We certainly understand how this would be inconvenient, especially when ordering for a birthday present. I would recommend reaching out to our live support representatives and we can look into adding a credit for the cost of the shipping. 

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    Joe Kolofa

    your phone will come network locked, do not order from them


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