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Robert McMellen

Starting in May, 2022, I am unable to connect with my cell phone to a land line phone at a business I frequent. As soon as the business picks up the phone, the line disconnects. The same thing happened calling a neighbor just across the street cell phone to cell phone. As soon as they answered, the line disconnected. However, their VOIP home phone would connect to my cell phone.

I have a Octa-core SMD630, 4G phone. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues? Could the transition to 5G be the cause?


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    Bahareh Rahimi
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    Hi Robert! Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry about the issues! 4G is still available and will be for a couple of years, but the issue could be that the bands the device has is no longer compatible with the towers in the area due to modernization. Please reach out to our live support team to find out what the issue could be.


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