Usage Alerts: Option to reduce speed to 2G?

Currently in Usage Alerts, we only have two options when data reaches a specific threshold. We can have a notification sent out, or we can have the data turned off (suspended). Turning off the data is a potential safety risk in the case of an emergency, so I think it would be nice to have a third option that simply reduces the data speed to 2G after the threshold is reached.



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  • Ting promises the reduction to 2G speeds after you reach your "fast data limit", but they are NOT abiding by their promise.
    The Ting Mobile Plans page has this text at the bottom, which is no longer true (July 2022):
    "After monthly data allotment is exceeded, you will be reduced to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month."

    Every month, for the last 3 months, my service has been cut off once I reached the 5GB "fast data limit".  The data has NOT continued to be delivered at slower 2G speeds, rather all connectivity to the public Internet is CUT OFF.  I can't even get success from a simple ping command to ping well known public IP addresses such as Google's DNS server (ping

    Since that promise is printed right on the Ting Mobile webpage in easy to read text, I don't know if this would be considered false advertising, or a breach of contract?
    I can tell you that I'm not pleased that they don't live up to their contractual promises they have posted right on their web page!

    How many other Ting users that are getting their service cut off when they reach the data limit, rather than being slowed down to 2G data speeds?  Are you unhappy about it?

    Eric in Minnesota

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