Adopting the Pretty Good Phone Privacy protocol
Ting Mobile should seriously consider adopting the Pretty Good Phone Privacy (PGPP) protocol. In short, PGPP decouples user identifiers from network identifiers, making it much harder for carriers to vacuum up location and internet-browsing data. Princeton and USC researchers introduced PGPP about a year ago specifically with MVNOs like Ting in mind, as its implementation doesn't require a huge network overhaul. The same researchers created a proof-of-concept startup, Invisv, which just recently transitioned into public beta. Consumers today are thinking about internet privacy more than ever. If Ting positions themselves as a privacy-friendly carrier by being a first-adopter of this new technology, they will most certainly reap the rewards. That being said, Dish and Verizon will probably not be too happy about the move...Ting needs to think carefully about whether it truly values its customers over its corporate partners.



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