Please Support Email Two-Factor Authentication

Thanks for this channel. The feedback I would offer is this: The reason I am with Ting is not only price, but its ability to turn OFF SMS capability through Ting.  This is the reason I came here.  Also, my overall approach in my personal communications is to have a phone with no apps on it (feature phone, or mine is a Light Phone II). So no texting, no apps.  The 2-factor identification requires one of these. Which is unfortunate. For now, I choose the app route, and use the iPad or my old (mostly dead) iPhone.  But I don't want to use those technologies anymore.  So perhaps you could add an emailed 2FA? That's my input please. 



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  • Or, better yet, fix the "disable 2FA" function on the website. I'm able to disable it, but it keeps forcing me to re-enable it on next login. 2FA is a great feature to offer. It's also something that not everyone wants and requiring it for the baseless reason of "it makes things more secure" is a poor plan.


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