Ting suspended my line and porting details are missing

Harsha Tangirala

I have a 4 year old phone number that I use for my bank accounts and on my apartment door callbox to open and let in visitors and mailman. 
I ported the number to Ting on Wed Aug 24th. The port was successful and I also received an email confirmation. I used my phone to attend hour long meetings yesterday Aug 25th. Today, I wake up to no service.

When I contacted customer support via chat, the agent said my account was suspended due to security issue. His exact words were "Our security system has linked this account to others with unresolved issues. As such, we can't restore service to this account". He said he cannot give me any further information.

I called up customer care. The first lady repeated the same message as above, and says she has no more information, and just hung up the phone rudely.

I called in a second time and politely asked the 2nd agent if my number is still with Ting and if I can port it out. She replied in the affirmative that I should find my porting info online on my account, even though my line was suspended. I went online, and my number has vanished from my account. I only see an account number in the porting information section, but there is no PIN and I do not even see my number

I called up a third time to escalate, and after a long time the agent again mentioned the same thing. He said he does not know what the error means and that he has no more information. I asked if my number is lost forever; he says he does not know. I asked for where I can find my porting information; he said he has no information on my account. I asked him if there's any operating procedure for them to guide customers; he said he has no information. I asked him if there's a security team to check with; he says he has no information.

TLDR:- Ported my 4-yr old phone number to TING, which they suspended a few days after porting and have lost my number forever as they have no information about it anymore and cannot provide porting information

If anyone can provide any help on how my phone number or porting info can be recovered, I will be very grateful.

Made a huge mistake of porting to Ting



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