Unable to access voicemail for more than a week

Matt Patton

ticket number 64683201.  I have been unable to access my voice mail for several days now.  When I call in, I receive a recorded message telling me the service is unavailable.  I called four days ago and spoke to a rep.  After more than an hour on the phone, she was unable to accomplish anything, so she did a support ticket and I was told the situation should be resolved withing 72 hours.  Four days later, nothing has changed.  I called again.  The rep looks at the ticket.  According to the  notes on the ticket number, NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO ATTEMPT TO FIX THE SITUATION.  72+ hours have gone by, and no one has done anything. So she wrote a new ticket, saying she will "bump it up".  That will work great, I'm sure, since no one has payed any attention to the first ticket.  She said she would send me an email with some suggested fixes.  When the email arrived, it was instructions on how to set up a voicemail account.  Not only is that not helpful and the wrong topic, I could not do that if I wanted to, because I can't access voicemail.  She said she will send me a new sim card, because possibly mine is malfunctioning.  I asked how it is possible that I am able to make phone calls if my sim card is malfunctioning, and she said she did not know.  So now I am waiting 7 business days to receive a new sim card which will probably not fix the issue, and in the meanwhile, I am without voicemail for at least another week.  Your customer service is terrible.  Your reps are not knowledgeable and merely guessing at fixes.  You fill out service tickets, and no one acts on them.  At this point, I have spent hours attempting to resolve this issue.  If not fixed very soon, I will be getting a new provider. 


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    Tabetha Sheppard

    Hello Matt ! I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your voicemail and I apologize for any delays while investigating the issue, it sounds like your ticket has been escalated to our engineers. This can take a few business days for us to hear back from them. If you haven't already, I would recommend resetting the network settings on your device, this will erase any saved Wi-Fi passwords from your phone. Based on your post, it sounds like your voicemail has already been reset and set back up. I understand you are getting a busy signal when trying to access it, I would recommend attempting to access your voicemail from another device and see if you receive the same error. Those steps can be found in this article. A new SIM card can also help with voicemail issues, if the other steps have not resolved it. 


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