Forward voicemail to Google Voice

Craig Swinimer


I recently bought a used iPhone 13 Pro (iOS 16).  On my old iPhone, I had it so my Google Voice app picked up my phone calls.  I realized I haven't been receiving voicemails because Ting has been picking them up.  I don't have a Google phone number.  I just want people to call my phone number but have Google Voice pick up if I don't answer the call.  I have tried:

1.  On ting App - Voicemail is now set to "off" which has made incoming calls "beep beep beep" instead of going to voicemail.

2.  On Ting Website - I have updated my device

3.  On Google Voice App - I have deleted the app

4.  On Google Voice Website - I deleted the linked number and re-linked it.  I turned off my phone and then reinstalled the app on my iPhone and followed the Google Voice app setup.

Additional Info

Ting App Settings show:  "Forward on busy/no answer" and "Forward at any time" set to "on".

Google App > Settings > Account > Linked Numbers:  My phone number appears here but for some reason, there is an exclamation point to the left of it.  Not sure what this means.

Google App > Settings > Calls > Forward calls to linked numbers:  My phone number appears here.

Google Voice Website > Settings > Account > My Devices:  This just says "No Devices".  I am not sure if this plays a part but I cannot add any devices.  My phone does show up on the website as a linked phone number.



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