Pixel Watch Compatible?

Isac Torres
I was simply wondering if the Pixel Watch LTE would be compatible with Ting Mobile. Thank you!



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    Elizabeth C

    It looks like the Pixel Watch LTE does not have a physical SIM slot so it would not be compatible at this time. We'll post any updates on our blog if we are able to support eSIMs in the future though so definitely keep an eye out. 

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    Andy Dufek

    I wouldn't get my hopes up.  This ancient thread https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360005474913-eSIM-support?page=2#comments shows that despite assurances that "eSIM support is near the top of our list" starting back in 2018, we've seen nothing in the way of eSIM progress.  Recent phones which lack physical SIM cards are forcing long-time Ting customers to jump ship because Ting seems to have a unique mix of "a few moving pieces, different teams, and different businesses all involved which may make it more challenging than other MVNOs."  Not sure what that means, save for we're still waiting.  :(


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