Phone shows full service but can't make calls or texts

I recently switched from Verizon to Ting Mobile with an iPhone XR bought in 2019 and I'm having issues with the new service.  The phone shows that I have full coverage, but if I'm not connected to the wifi, I can't send or receive calls/texts or access the internet..  I've reset the network settings, tried 2 new Ting SIM cards, restarted the phone, updated the software, turned it off and on, and still no luck.  Is there something I'm missing?  Was I sold a phone from Verizon that's only compatible with that network?  And if I try another provider will I run into the same issue?  It seems awfully suspicious that a 3-year-old phone in working order would all of a sudden malfunction after switching carriers.  Please help.  Thanks



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  • Hey Wendy, 

    Sorry to hear your data isn't working properly on your iPhone XR. It's possible there may be a change our customer support team may have to make on your account, so I'd suggest reaching out to them over live chat or phone support


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