Two devices, One number

I have a work phone and a home phone. I have the work phone because I am a painter and my phone will get paint all over it. I have my home phone so I can have a clean phone when I'm not working.

Currently I switch the sim when I get home from work and again the next morning. I keep everything in the two devices synced.

Is there an easier way to just have the same number on both phones so I don't have to switch the sim card every day?

I used to use google voice but it is not being updated regularly and has too many drawbacks for me at this point. I had google fi for a while and it would just let me switch to whichever phone I wanted with their app. (I think they use virtual sims or something.)

I hear that T-mobile has a service called digits that I believe is what I'm looking for

Does ting have anything like that?



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  • Hi Joseph,

    Currently, SIM swapping is the only way you would be able to use both phones with the same number. You could get a second number and then forward your calls to the device you're using at the time if that would work for you. Keep an eye out on our blog though as we'll post any updates there if this feature does become available in the future. 

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