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Ting used to have good support. Unfortunately when we needed them most they let us down. First day in a foreign country with no way to make calls and one of us not even able to text. Your support team was not helpful; got disconnected on chat and the agent did not reach out fter that happened. I had to start a new chat with someone that clearly didn't have the skills needed to solve our issues. I asked to have the chat forwarded to the original support person but he would not do that. He did not have the skills to solve the issue and I finally gave up. So we re out of the country for 11 more days and have minimal communication capability and Ting seemed unable and unwilling to solve our issue. After many years with Ting I am now considering a different path for a service provider when I get back in my home country.


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  • Hi Gary,

    Sorry to hear you've had trouble connecting while away, I can definitely understand how you would want that fixed ASAP. I'd suggest doublechecking the Ting account settings to ensure roaming is enabled. If you've already done so I'd go ahead and look for the manual network selection option on your device, when I've had this issue in the past I've disabled any automatic network connection and manually attempted to connect to any available networks until I had a functioning signal. You should see that option in Network operators under Mobile networks.

    Keep in mind any applicable roaming surcharges will apply to usage and if you continue to have trouble please do work with support as they can help determine the issue, we definitely want to help get this solved for you.

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