I need the contact info for the Executive Escalation team

Andrew Stanton

Dont try to tell me some BS that they dont exist. 


They were answering BBB complaints 2 months ago. 



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    Kim D

    Hey Andrew,

    We do not have an executive escalations team with contact information at Ting. I can see the confusion here with regard to the BBB link you've posted. They're an internal team that deals with BBB specifically.

    You can, however, call in to our support line and request to speak to a supervisor and they'd be more than happy to help sort out any issue you're dealing with at the moment.  

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    Andrew Stanton

    >  They're an internal team that deals with BBB specifically.

    I would hope that you (Ting) would recognize at this point that I am trying to resolve this without having to escalate to a very public, third party, permanent record intermediary. However, due to a poorly designed support policy you are making it impossible for me to do otherwise. You are also trying very hard to get me to stop paying for your service. 

    > You can, however, call in to our support line and request to speak to a supervisor and they'd be more than happy to help sort out any issue you're dealing with at the moment.  

    I have had an issue for months where I can make calls but cannot receive them. I dont get many calls, so I did not realize it until my wife was not answering her phone and in troubleshooting found that we both have the same problem (and we have separate accounts). I have had cases (6248593,6240238) open for several weeks if not longer with Ting and nobody is working to resolve it  I have called or chatted so many times. All I get each time is a new person who wants to go through the same call script for troubleshooting. Even when I mention the call is regarding an existing case, support seems to be trained to try and open a new case. I have to be insistent that they use the existing case*.  Even then, I dont get any update emails for the case after those calls, so I dont think they are updating it with any relevant details. Nobody from support owns a ticket to closure, not even the supervisor I talked to that gave me a lame suggestion to reach out to the device manufacturer. 

    The problem is not the device, and the problem is not coverage related (5 of 5 bars, averages about -86dBm). The problem is with the service. I can state this and be really sure of it because I had spent last weekend researching this problem on my own and found what causes it. I should not have had to expend this much effort, and given your history of totally failing to be proactive when you know there are service interruptions that are going to happen for customers, I'm concerned that it could be broken again.

    Have either the EE team reach out to me, or someone who is higher in title than a customer support supervisor and actually able to do something about the problems you have internally that are affecting me.


    * The case history gives someone who is working on the problem the most complete picture with which to identify cause and solutions. This is a support 101 concept. 

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    Andrew Stanton

    And I called support and spoke to Tabitha, who transferred me to Grant (a supervisor) who was unable to help me (as expected) and promised to have his manager reach out to me today to get a resolution.

    Of course, nobody from Ting reached out to me via phone or email today. Your support processes are evil.


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