How do Ting refer a friend links work?

We love it when people refer friends to Ting, and we try to make it easy to do.

The Refer-A-Friend program is our way of thanking customers for introducing friends and family to Ting. By using an existing Ting customer’s referral link, new customers get a reward, and the person making the introduction (that's you!) also gets a reward.

The first time your referral link is used, you will earn $50 in credit towards your monthly bills. Each time the link is used after that, you will receive $25 in credit. In all cases, the friend who is referred will get a $25 bill credit or (if applicable) a $25 device purchase discount.

All you need is your referral link!

A referral link is a unique URL (website address) that contains a referral code. When used to sign up for an account, it applies a service credit to both accounts involved. Each Ting account has its own unique code, which ensures they are appropriately applied.

Find your referral link and give it to your friends

Your referral link can be found under the Refer Your Friends tab. Simply send this link to family and friends you're referring, and you're good to go. Using this URL instead of ensures both accounts get the credits automatically applied. We've included some convenient buttons to share easily to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email!


Use your friend's referral link to sign up for Ting

Once you have been given a referral link, you will use that as the website address when signing up for Ting. Instead of typing "" into your web browser's address bar, you will type or paste the referral link and then proceed with the sign-up process


Frequently asked questions

1. When do the referral credits get applied?

When someone signs up via a referral link, our system automatically applies a $25 discount for them on the purchase of a new device, if applicable. If they are bringing their own device, a $25 bill credit gets applied to that account once a phone line has been activated. The bill credit of the person who referred their friend to Ting will be applied after their referred friend pays the first bill.

2. How many times can this link be used?

You can refer as many people as you like; however, you can only be referred from a single account.

3. Can I refer someone who already has a Ting account?

No. Referrals only apply for the first purchase on an account (if applicable), and new account activations. You will not qualify for referral credits when activating additional lines on an existing account, or when making additional device purchases.

4. How do I know if the link has applied properly?

If you've come to the Ting website using the link you've been given, a large greeting banner will notify you of this. If you see this, you can be sure that the credit will be automatically added.


5. How much credit will I get?

When you are referred to Ting, you will receive $25 in credit towards your monthly bills or your first device purchase, if applicable. However, once you're up and running, you can begin to refer other people to Ting. For the first person you refer, you will earn $50 in credit. Each referral after this earns you $25.

6. What if I forgot to use the link?

Not to worry! We can help. We suggest having both parties readily available as we will need to complete a security verification for both accounts. We will also need the email address(es) or specific referral code(s) in question. Please keep in mind manual application of this credit from our support staff will default to the lower credit amount of $25, which is why we stress using the link when signing up. You'll still get a $50 credit the first time you successfully refer someone using your referral link, though.

7. Can I be referred from a friend in addition to receiving a promotion credit?

Sorry, but no—credits cannot be stacked. If you use your friend's referral link to sign up, you will not be eligible for any other sign-up promotions. Similarly, if you took advantage of a promotional offer when you signed up, you will not be eligible to be referred by your friend.

8. My partner is thinking about joining Ting. Can I refer them?

Technically, yes. However, they would need to sign up for a brand new, entirely separate account, and as such, you won't be able to pool your usage—and pooling usage often results in a lower overall bill. You might be better off, in the long run, to add your partner to your existing account using our Ting power couple offer.

Not part of a couple? The Ting power couple offer can be used when adding any second line to your account, so feel free to take advantage of it!

9. I signed up for a Ting account but haven't activated service yet. Can I refer my friends?

No, not yet. You must have a valid payment method and at least one active phone line set up on your account before your referral link will be eligible to earn referral credits.

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