Using Ting referral links

We love it when people refer friends to Ting, and we try to make it easy to do.

The Refer-A-Friend program is our way of thanking customers for introducing friends and family to Ting. When your friends and family use your referral link to sign up, they get a welcome credit, and, as an existing Ting customer, you get one too!

A referral link is a unique URL that contains a referral code. Earn $50 in credit towards your monthly bills for the first referral, then $25 in monthly bill credit for each referral afterward. In all cases, the referred parties will get a $25 bill credit.

Sharing your referral link

Find your referral link under the Refer Your Friends tab. Send this link to the family and friends you're referring, and you're good to go. Using this URL instead of ensures credits are automatically applied to both accounts. We've included some convenient buttons to share easily to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. You may have a maximum of 3 referrals per calendar year.


Signing up for Ting using a referral link

You can type or paste the referral link and proceed with the sign-up process to get your welcome credit and give your friend their credit.


Once you've signed up, please allow 24 hours for the credit to reach the account, viewable on the Billing history page.

Forgot to use the link? We can help! Email us with your friend's referral link or email address, and we'll add the credit for you.

Note: The Refer-a-friend program is subject to our terms of service.

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