Wi-Fi calling setup on iPhone

Wi-Fi calling is an option for the iPhone 5c and higher on Ting using our GSM and Sprint CDMA network. Before you get started, we recommend making sure that your phone is running at least iOS 10 or higher. 

To use that feature you must first enable it on the Device Settings tab of your Ting account. Once that is done, you must follow the steps below to enable it on your phone.

  1. Open the Settings 
  2. Tap Phone
  3. Tap Wi-Fi Calling


  4. Toggle Wi-fi calling on


  5. You will then be prompted to enter an E-911 address


  6. Select Update once the address is entered. If successful the network in the upper left should change to Ting Wi-Fi or Sprint Wi-FI

If you are having trouble, please get in touch with us


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