Ting Internet Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are an option reserved for Enterprise and Business customers.

  • Single Static IP

    The only configuration setting to be mindful of is that your device is set up to acquire an IP address through DHCP--this is the default for most routers.

    Our single static IPs are delivered to your equipment by our DHCP server and always give you the same IP address.

    There's no need to specify the IP in the static assignment or the gateway / subnet mask.

    /29 Block (8 IPs, 6 usable)

    For a block of static IPv4 addresses, there's a mix of automatic (DHCP) and manual assignment. Along with your static block, we'll set aside one extra static IP address which we deliver to your equipment's WAN through DHCP. You should then:

    1. Manually assign one IP from your block of 6 addresses to the LAN side of your firewall/gateway device (while the WAN side of the same device has that extra IP from the DHCP server).
    2. Manually assign the remaining 5 usable IP addresses from your block to any of your devices that are connected to your firewall/gateway device. The IP address you assigned to the firewall/gateway device in the previous step becomes the gateway IP address for the rest of the devices using a static IP from the block.
  • Ting does not currently offer IPv6 addresses. This is the case for both regular IPs as well as static IPs.

    There are no immediate plans to enable IPv6 support.

Static IP address options

We currently offer the following options for static IPv4 addresses:

1 IPv4 address: $19/mo

  • Available to Business or Enterprise customers
  • Delivered via DHCP so no configuration needed (see below)

Specialized Static Blocks:

  • This would be a /29 block or larger
  • Only available to Enterprise Gigabit customers
  • Larger blocks are available upon request, up to a /24
  • Prices are determined during your discussion between you and our enterprise team

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