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Submitting Ting Fiber Internet construction concerns

Ting has a dedicated team ready to assist with your questions and concerns to help make our construction seamless.

The Ting Construction Experience

The Construction Experience Team is a group specially designed to handle fiber construction matters effectively and efficiently. Our Construction Experience representatives will investigate your concerns from start to finish to the best of their ability. You can consider them your single point of contact who will work to keep you up-to-date with any new information learned along the way and make sure you're never in the dark.

Contacting Ting Construction Experience

Ting Construction Experience offers email and phone support from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET on weekdays.

Web contact form

Fill out our webform to send an email to our Construction Experience Team. Our team reviews submissions within seconds after you submit the webform during business hours. Requests sent after business hours will take priority the following weekday morning. Please add your phone number if you prefer receiving a call-back to talk about your concern more.

Contact by phone

Call 1-855-801-5856 to speak with a Ting Construction Experience representative.

Our team will listen, discuss, and determine the next steps to investigate the reported damage. We'll ask for an email address and phone number to keep in touch when you call, but we'll generally stick to email for updates. Ting will never sell your info -- we collect it solely to email you directly after the conversation. In that email will be a conversation summary and a reference number.

Have any questions? Reply to that email at any time. Prefer to call in? Provide the advisor with the reference number at the top of that email.

When to contact the Construction Experience team

Please reach out to the Construction Experience team whenever you notice possible damage after construction or have general concerns about our construction. Below are some examples of when contacting our team is beneficial. Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive. We will be happy to look into other construction-related concerns brought to our attention!


Concern Example(s)
Driveway Cracked or otherwise damaged driveway
Home (internal) Drywall damage, electrical outlet not working after installation, etc
Home (external) Damage to siding, brick, etc

Damage or disturbance to grass, flowers, or flowerbed

Landscaping issues with tree limbs, bushes, etc.

Holes left on your property; sinkholes


Issues with irrigation systems, sprinkler lines, or sprinkler heads

Invisible fence

Damage to an underground invisible pet fence


Concern Example(s)
Ting wires or conduit are exposed Ting wires or conduit (tubing) being exposed or coming loose
Aerial concerns Aerial fiber lines that have fallen or sagged

Handhole (Ting box installed in your front or backyard)

Concern Example(s)
Uneven placement

No longer flush with the ground (raised or sunk) or slanted

The land around it is caving, causing a pit

Cracked cover The cover is broken or damaged in some way
Misaligned handhole cover

The cover has come loose and needs to be repositioned securely

The cover is missing entirely


Concern Example(s)
Spray paint marking complaint Spray paint that is affecting your property or aesthetics


The Construction Experience Team can help with some concerns that are unrelated to damage.

Concern Example(s)
Drop burial

Getting information on when your fiber line will be buried

Access (parking or street) The blocking or prevention of being able to park, leave your driveway, or access a particular road or path

Related to excessive noise caused by the work, noise outside construction hours


General negative experience with the construction crew

Not handled by the Construction Experience Team

The Construction Experience team does not handle some Ting Internet services and requests.

Issue or request Point of contact

General information on when Ting Internet will be live on your street

Ting Fiber Internet Sales

Damaged cables belonging to another ISP or company

Contact the company of the damaged line for repairs

Damaged Ting fiber line

Ting Fiber Internet Support


What information do you think I should include?

Be as specific as possible and provide anything you feel may be relevant to our investigation. For example, rather than "my sprinkler is not working," you may wish to specify if the damage was to the sprinkler heads or to the irrigation lines and where the lines are.

Should I attach pictures?
While not required, pictures are beneficial. We recommend that you attach pictures for any damage concerns. Before and after photos are great if you have them.
What if I prefer a phone call over an email?

While we default to email updates, let us know if you'd prefer a phone call when we have an update on your situation. Our team members will be happy to oblige during business hours.

What if I wish to be home during your investigation and repairs?

When reaching out, let us know that! We'll do our best to accommodate.

When will I hear back?

We aim to get back to you within two business days with an update. If we don't have anything new to share, we'll still work to keep the lines of communication open while working on the issue from our side.

How long will it take to resolve my concern?

It depends on various factors--the Ting town you reside in, our contractors, and of course, your specific concern. While we'll work to investigate as quickly as possible, we'll provide individualized updates for your case to the email address you gave us.

Note: The contact phone number is solely for our construction team. If you need assistance scheduling an install, contact our Onboarding team at 1-855-846-4626. If you require technical support, call us 24/7 at 1-844-846-4994.

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