Auto-attendant Set up

This feature is limited release.
Ting Voice is only available to a select group of limited release participants. If you are not participating, this article does not apply!

Auto-attendant setup is simple, straightforward, and fully customizable. By implementing auto-attendants, you can customize where your callers are routed based on a schedule. Whether they're calling the phone number for a specific person or trying to reach the regional office, you get to decide what happens when they call.

Adding an Auto-Attendant

  1. Navigate to Business Cloud > Auto-attendant from the menu on the left side.

  2. Click the + Add Auto-attendant button at the top right of the window.

    • Note: The auto-attendant builder will open in a new window. If your browser doesn't allow pop-ups, it may ask if you want to allow this one.

  3. Enter a name for this auto-attendant in the top left by replacing "New Auto-Attendant" with your desired name.

  4. Click the Add.png Add icon to select and add a new route. Available routes and their descriptions are in the table below. For additional help creating routes, see Auto-attendant routes.

    Field Description

    Routes the caller to a call flow based on a defined schedule

    Menu Plays a recording, typically the readout of the phone menu, and waits for the touch-tone input from the user to determine the next route.
    Message Plays a pre-recorded sound clip.
    Group Routes the caller to a group of users (not devices). This route also supports call queuing.
    User Routes the caller to a specific user's device or the user's voicemail. The call will follow the user's call-handling settings.
    Hang Up Ends the call.
    Reference Redirects the caller to another route in this auto-attendant. For example, if a call is routed to a user but the user doesn't answer, instead of ending the call there so they have to call back, you could reference the Main Menu so the caller can start over.
  5. Configure the route as needed, then click Save.
  6. Back on the auto-attendant builder, there is now an Add.png Add icon next to each new route. Click the icon to add the next route.

Activating an Auto-Attendant

When the auto-attendant is complete, meaning there aren't any open routes and everything is good to go, its status will be updated to Ready to Activate.

At this point, you click the activate_icon.jpgActivate icon to activate it and assign a phone number.


Assigning a Phone Number

Once the auto-attendant is activated, assign it to a phone number. 

This step is required before calls can be directed through the auto-attendant.


  1. Click the Assign Phone Number link to go to the Phone Numbers page.
  2. Locate the phone number you want to modify, hover, and click Edit Settings on the right side.
  3. In the Phone Number Rings To drop-down menu, select the desired auto-attendant as the new destination.
  4. Click Save. Calls to that phone number will now be directed through the auto-attendant!

If you can't access the Phone Numbers page, please contact Customer Support for assistance assigning the auto-attendant to a phone number.

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