Changing a Phone Number Destination

This feature is limited release.
Ting Voice is only available to a select group of limited release participants. If you are not participating, this article does not apply!

When a phone number is added to the account, a destination is assigned, so callers are directed to the right place. We can change a phone number's destination at any time, like activating a new auto-attendant or reassigning a phone number from one user to another. 

To change a phone number's destination:

  1. Go to the Phone Numbers page.
  2. Locate the phone number you want to modify and click the right side to expand the settings.
  3. Click the Phone Number Rings To drop-down menu and choose a new destination.
  4. Click Save. The changes will be applied immediately.

Can't see the Phone Numbers page?

If you don't have access to the Phone Numbers page, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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