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FAQ: Pre-ordering Ting Internet

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1. When will you be coming to my neighborhood?

That’s exactly what we’re trying to figure out! Think of your pre-order as a vote for your neighborhood. The more votes your neighborhood gets, the faster we’ll get there. 

2. How can I help move the build along in my neighborhood?

Getting the word out to your fellow neighbors or neighborhood homeowners' association so more people pre-order and cast their votes is the absolute best thing you can do to speed things along.

3. What does my $9 deposit go towards?

Along with counting as a vote for your neighborhood, the $9 will be deducted from your installation when you sign up for service down the road. 

4. Is my pre-order refundable?

If we don’t see enough interest in a town, we'll refund any deposits made. If we don't make it to a particular neighbourhood in a town, we'll do the same -  but we won't be making decisions like this anytime soon for the current Ting towns (as in, not before the end of 2016).

5. How can I receive updates on your progress in my area?

We’ll be sending updates from time to time to everyone who places a pre-order. You can also check out our town blog pages to get the most up to date information.

6. What if I want to vote for Ting to come to my town, but I can't currently pre-order?

If you want Ting to come to your town and we're not headed there already, the best thing to do is fill out our Bring Ting to My Town form and let us know.

If you're curious about the kinds of things that make a town a more likely destination for Ting Internet, look no further!

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