Home 2 Gigabit Router Options

Ting's Whole Home Wi-Fi routers provide fast, extensive coverage for wireless households. For heavy bandwidth users, we recommend bringing your own router that has multiple 2.5 GbE or greater ports for wired connectivity.

Ting's Whole Home Wi-Fi Routers

For households who prefer wireless connectivity, Ting’s Whole Home Wi-Fi routers are the best option for your home. Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with the best available Wi-Fi 6E technology, which ensures a fast, low-latency Wi-Fi connection to all your devices. Each Wi-Fi device works together to extend coverage to every corner of your home and includes two available ethernet ports for wired connections. Check out our Whole Home Wi-Fi product for more information!

Wired Router Options for Heavy Bandwidth Users

However, if you’re a heavy bandwidth user who relies on wired connectivity, you may want to choose the bring-your-own router option and purchase a router with multiple 2.5 GbE or greater ports. It is important to review your device’s Ethernet port speed capabilities to ensure they are compatible.

Most device's Ethernet ports are 1 GbE.

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