Getting Ting Fiber to Your Home

Once you order Ting Internet, a team member will contact you within one to three days to discuss the Ting fiber-to-your-home process's next steps. We need your approval to complete the construction to bring fiber to your home and to set up a time for a technician to set up your internet equipment and plan your network connection. This home visit is the primary appointment for installing Ting equipment and activating your service. 

If you live in Westminster, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, or Fullerton, your installation process will differ slightly from other Ting Towns.


Congratulations on your Ting order! Here are the next steps to getting Ting fiber to your home:

  1. Ting will reach out to you to schedule a home visit.
  2. The contractors will install a fiber connection outside your home.
  3. Home visit for Ting technicians to set up equipment and answer any questions.
  4. Your Ting Onboarding advisor will inform you of your service activation.
  5. Enjoy your Ting internet!

Fiber Installation

A Ting team member will contact you to confirm your order, schedule a home visit, and review installation details. The home visit is your chance to create a game plan for our technician to connect your interior and exterior equipment.

For more detailed information on the construction process, see our article on the fiber drop construction process to your home.

How is Ting fiber internet different?

Ting offers genuine fiber to the home rather than relying on existing copper lines, which means:

  1. Ting will install the fiber connection from the node directly to your house.
  2. Ting will mark your public utilities and plan where to dig for your underground fiber optic cable.

Usually, the fiber laying process is done within a few weeks of your chat with a Ting team member. The fiber laying process is separate from your scheduled home visit.

Home Visit

Your home installation appointment can happen before the contractors bring fiber your home. A Ting technician crew will arrive at your scheduled home visit. Our standard installation works great for most people. A standard install places the fiber access point on an exterior wall on the main floor of your home.

When you need the access point in a more specific position, like a home office on the second floor, we can also do a custom install at no cost.

During the home visit, our Ting technician will:

  1. Set up the necessary equipment.
  2. Answer any questions you may have regarding the overall process.
Illustration of a home with a (1) fiber box, (2) an ONT, and (3) a router inside. Illustration of a home showing how a junction box is installed near the sidewalk with fiber dropped underneath the yard, leading to the home's fiber box which connects the house to the internet.

For service to be activated as quickly as possible, all equipment should be left powered on and connected.

Internet Activation

The Ting Support team will be notified once your home has been fully connected to our fiber network and will activate your service. Your Ting Onboarding advisor will contact you to confirm that your service is active and help ensure everything is working as expected. You’re now ready for fiber Internet!

Customers in Westminster, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Fullerton

Our installation process is a little different in certain Ting towns. If you live in one of our partner markets, your Ting fiber network is constructed and installed by a municipal or third-party organization. First, they arrange to lay the fiber on your property according to your request in the Access Agreement. Once this fiber is in place, your Ting Onboarding advisor will contact you to book your final installation with a Ting technician.

A Ting technician will connect your Inside Ting box and router during the final installation and ensure your service is fully up and running before finishing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We book a two to two-and-a-half-hour home visit appointment, but most people only need about one hour. However, the time is yours to ask any questions or explore options!

  • Our Ting technician installs an Outside Ting box for the fiber to enter your home and an Inside Ting box that connects to your router. Whether you are using a Ting router or your own router, the Ting technician can help with some basic setup.

  • We strongly advise you wait to cancel with your current provider until after your Ting Onboarding advisor informs you about your service activation with Ting. This would either be via a call or an email, so please keep an eye out for both. No one likes being without Internet service, so a little overlap to ensure everything works is our recommendation.

  • The Ting Fiber access point should always be the best place to bring Ting fiber into your home to give you the best experience.

    Aim for a central location in close proximity to the majority of devices that will access the service. An ideal situation is where the wired connection is easily accessible to your devices that need the consistency of a wired connection while also allowing your wireless devices close proximity to the wireless router for a consistent connection.

    If the ideal location doesn't fit the parameters for your ideal location, we've got you covered! A custom installation may be for you.

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