Ting Internet Hardware Warranty

Ting offers several pieces of equipment, including wireless routers, range extenders, and some TV-related hardware. The warranty terms for this equipment are outlined in this article.

The ONT (Fiber Modem)

An Optical Network Terminal, ONT, is a small box similar in size to a deck of playing cards that is installed inside your home. It converts the fiber optic signal into Ethernet, which can then be connected to a router.

The ONT:

  • Is provided at no additional cost.
  • Remains Ting's property at all times.
  • When moving out, is left on site for new resident's use.
  • Must not be painted over, tampered with, or opened by customers.
  • Isn't subject to warranty terms.
    *If anyone, including yourself, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a contractor, causes physical damage to the ONT, a service fee may be charged for its replacement.

Image of an ONT box connected to a Ting router.

Other Devices

You may have purchased devices connected to the ONT such as a wireless router, range extender, or TV streaming hardware devices. Here's a list of their warranty periods, along with additional details. 

Device Warranty Notes
(Wireless Router)
18 months


(Wireless Router)
18 months  
(Access Point / Extender)
18 months  
Apple TV 4K
(TV Solutions device)
12 months Can be serviced at an authorized Apple Repair Center.
Fire TV Stick 4K
(TV Solutions device)
12 months  
Calix 844G
(ONT + router all in one)
None If you're using an 844G left by a previous tenant, it is provided "as-is" and is out of warranty. It hasn't been offered since 2016 (and is limited to Charlottesville, VA). 

Rental Policy

Renting equipment from Ting provides an ongoing warranty as long as the rental fee is paid. If you appreciate the assurance that Ting will continue to service (and potentially replace) the equipment without the concern of a warranty period, this is a great option!

• Ting does not offer a rent-to-own option.
• The rental fee for the router continues even if it exceeds the purchase price.

Damaging Equipment Voids the Warranty

Please keep the following in mind to ensure that the warranty on your Ting equipment remains valid. If anyone, including yourself, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a contractor, damages the Ting equipment, the warranty may be voided.

Some common causes of damage include:

  • Physical impact
  • Liquid spills or flooding
  • Pet-related incidents

This is not an exhaustive list; Ting reserves the right to make the final decision regarding warranty coverage.

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