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Ting Internet Hardware Warranty

Ting offers several pieces of equipment, including wireless routers, range extenders, and some TV-related hardware. The warranty terms for this equipment are provided below.

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The ONT (Fiber Modem)

In the majority of homes and businesses, there are two pieces of equipment involved. One of them is the Optical Network Terminal or "ONT." It receives the fiber and converts it to Ethernet, for a wireless router to be connected.

The ONT is:

  • provided at no additional cost
  • not subject to warranty terms*
  • equipment that remains Ting's property at all times
  • expected to be left on site when moving out, for a new resident to utilize
  • not to be painted over, tampered with, or opened by customers

* physical damage to the ONT by a customer (or someone in their employ, such as a contractor) may result in a service fee for Ting staff to replace it


Warranty Info

Connected to the ONT could be a wireless router purchased from Ting, as well as our range extender and some hardware for TV streaming (devices used to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc)

The following are our warranty periods:

Device Warranty Notes
(Wireless Router)
18 months


(Wireless Router)
18 months  
(Access Point / Extender)
18 months  
Apple TV 4K
(TV Solutions device)
12 months Can be serviced at an authorized Apple Repair Center
Fire TV Stick 4K
(TV Solutions device)
12 months  
Calix 844G
(ONT+router all in one)
None This equipment (deployed only in Charlottesville, VA) has not been offered since 2016, so if utilizing an 844G left on site from a previous tenant, it is provided "as-is" and is considered out of warranty.



Rental Policy

Renting equipment from Ting provides an ongoing warranty for as long as you pay the rental fee. If you like the peace of mind of knowing that Ting's staff will continue to service (and potentially replace) the equipment without worrying about a warranty period, renting a router from Ting is worth exploring.


  • Ting does not offer a rent-to-own option
  • If you choose to rent our router, it is an ongoing rental fee even if you exceed the purchase price


Warranty Voided

If you or anyone you know/employ (such as a friend, family member, or contractor) damage Ting equipment, the warranty may be considered void.

The following may void the warranty:

  • Physical damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Pet damage

This is not an exhaustive list and the final decision is at the discretion of Ting staff.

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