Can I block unwanted calls from specific numbers?

We don't currently offer a way to block calls from specific numbers, though if you want to block unwanted text messages you can check out this article for steps on how to do that. Some phones have native call blocking ability, but if your phone doesn't have that and you've got a smartphone, you can often download an app that will do this.

Call blocking on Android phones

Native Call Blocking

Some Android phones offer a native call blocking feature. This is generally found in the Call settings of the phone and will ensure that you aren't disturbed by calls from blocked number by sending them straight to voicemail.

Call Blocking Apps

For Android devices that don't have native call blocking, the most popular call blocking app is Call Control - Call Blocker. This app allows you to set up black or white lists, choose how to treat blacklisted numbers--either by sending them to voicemail, a pick up followed by a hang-up or simply muting the ringer when calls from those numbers come in--and even blocks entire area codes. You can also block text messages, including shortcodes. For a free app, it's relatively robust.

We like the app Hiya | Android | iOS | because it serves numbers with a side of context. Hiya gives bit more information about numbers outside of your contact list, flagging them as likely spam, a colleague from work or an important call from the doctor’s office. Hiya also lets you control and update a personalized block list and report nuisance callers. Check out this Ting Blog post for more information.

Call blocking on iPhones

iPhones running iOS6 and up come equipped with a number blocking feature for both calls and texts. Text messages from blocked numbers will simply go undelivered while calls will go straight to voicemail. Both features can be found in the settings within their respective apps or within the contact card of the person you would like to block.

You can certainly look into more complex blocking apps for the iPhone but the native options work pretty well.

Call blocking on Windows phones

Currently call blocking is a feature available on the Samsung Ativ S Neo but not the HTC 8XT. The option can be found in the phone's settings. Currently, there are no Windows apps available for purchase/download that will add this feature to the 8XT.

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