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1. How do I set up voicemail for the first time?

  • Ensure you have the voicemail option checked in the Device Settings on your account.
  • If your phone is locked, unlock it.

CDMA Devices

  1. Press and hold 1 on the dial pad.
  2. You will be automatically connected to your voice mailbox and be prompted to initialize your mailbox for the first time.
  3. When prompted, enter a 4-10 digit passcode, then press #
  4. Press # to keep the passcode or press * to change it.
  5. Choose your greeting type:
    1. Press 1 to record your name announcement or
    2. Press 2 to play your 10-digit phone number instead of your name announcement
  6. Choose a personal or automated greeting:
    1. Press 1 record personal greeting or
    2. Press 2 standard automated greeting
  7. Choose your security level:
    1. Press 1 to disable your passcode login when checking your voicemail or
    2. press 2 to enable your passcode login when checking voicemail (recommended)

This concludes your voicemail setup.

GSM Devices

  1. Press and hold 1 on the dial pad, or dial *123 and then press call or send, or tap the voicemail icon on your device.
  2. You will be automatically connected to your voice mailbox and be prompted to enter your password; your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number followed by the # key.
  3. When prompted, enter a new 4-9 digit password, then press the # key. You cannot use repetitive or sequential numbers.
  4. Press # to keep the passcode or press * to change it.
  5. Choose your security level:
    1. Press 1 to enable your passcode login when checking voicemail (recommended).
    2. Press 2 to disable your passcode login when checking your voicemail (except for when you're roaming or calling from another line).
  6. Record your name.
  7. After your record your name, press #.
  8. Press 1 to save the greeting, 2 to erase and re-record and 3 to listen to it.
  9. Choose your greeting type:
    1. Press 1 to record a greeting.
    2. Press 2 to play your recorded name.
  10. Press 1 to save your greeting, 2 to erase and re-record and 3 to listen to it.

This concludes your voicemail setup.

2. How do I access voicemail from another line?

  1. Dial your number from the external line
  2. When your voicemail greeting begins, dial * and when prompted enter the pass code.

3. How many voicemail messages can I store at once?

Your voicemail box capacity depends on which network your phone runs on:

CDMA network - 30 messages

GSM network - 15 messages

4. How long are my messages stored?

The length of time that your voicemail messages remain in your mailbox depends both on which network your phone runs on and whether or not the messages have been played or not:

CDMA network

  • unsaved messages are deleted automatically after 20 days
  • saved messages are deleted automatically after 30 days

GSM network

  • unplayed/unsaved messages are deleted automatically after 14 days
  • saved messages are deleted automatically after 14 days

5. What if I forget my voicemail passcode?

CDMA Devices

You can reset your voicemail by logging into your Ting account and disabling then re-enabling the voicemail feature on your Device Settings page. This will delete any voicemail messages that you have currently but will allow you to set up your voicemail again with a new passcode. You can also get in touch with us so that we can reset your voicemail password in a way that does not delete any messages.

GSM Devices

Dial # 793 # and send/call on your device and your voicemail password will be reset to the last 4 digits of your phone number. None of your messages will be deleted. We recommend that you change your password again after this.

6. Am I billed for calls that go to voicemail?

No. If a call goes to your voicemail, you are not billed for that. Calls from your Ting device to check your voicemail are also not billed. 

7. Can I recover a deleted voicemail?

No.  Once a message is deleted, it cannot be recovered.  Also, if the voicemail feature is disabled and re-enabled, the voicemails are deleted and cannot be recovered. 

8. What are all the voicemail commands I can use?

CDMA Devices

  • Press 3 to advance the message a few seconds
  • Press 4 to replay the message
  • Press 5 to rewind the message a few seconds
  • Press 7 to erase the message
  • Press 9 to save the message
  • Press 0 for more options
  • Press the star (*) key to end the call

The native visual voicemail app on an Android or Windows phone will allow for replying to and/or forwarding messages but these messages are sent as texts to the receiver and require them to call another number to retrieve them; the native visual voicemail feature on the iPhone does not allow for this. On Android, Windows and iPhone, there is an option to call back the person who left you a message on the visual voicemail app.

GSM Devices

  • Press 1 to rewind the message
  • Press 11 to restart the message
  • Press 2 to pause or unpause the message
  • Press 3 to advance the message a few seconds
  • Press 33 to fast forward to the end of the message
  • Press 5 for message information (like the number that the call came from and the date and time that it was left)
  • Press 7 to erase the message
  • Press 9 to save the message
  • Press 0 for more options

9. What happens to my voicemail when I'm roaming?

CDMA Devices

If you're roaming domestically or you're on Wi-Fi you may not receive voicemail notifications.

GSM Devices

Even if you don't normally use a password to access your voicemail, you'll need to use the password you set up to retrieve messages while roaming.

When you dial into your voicemail, you'll be prompted to leave a message; press the * key and enter your password.

10. What is visual voicemail?

Visual voicemail is a service that presents a visual representation of your voicemail inbox. Some phones have this feature built into the calling app, while others have an independent app built into the phone. If your phone supports it, it should work with us as well.

If after you activate you find yourself without VVM after waiting for 24 hours for activation, please reach out to technical support. While we support visual voicemail for iPhones, not all Android native apps activate with Ting. In this instance, you would want to look at a third-party app from the Google play store to restore that functionality.

Cellular data is required for visual voicemail and voicemail notifications to work.

CDMA Devices
With the included voicemail app, CDMA phones should be able to use visual voicemail. If you're having trouble with visual voicemail there are some troubleshooting options included in the link below.

GSM Devices

Visual voicemail is not directly supported on GSM, but there are a number of 3rd party Apps in the Google Play Store.  At this time there is not a specific app that Ting recommends.

If you have an iPhone 5 or later and are able to update to iOS 10, you can get visual voicemail. Visual voicemail can take up to 24 hours to enable.

If you wish to disable visual voicemail completely, instructions can be found in the in the link below.

11. What is Voicemail-to-text?

Voicemail-to-Text is a CDMA trial service not offered by Ting. If that is on your device when you receive it, the service will automatically stop running 30 days from the time that the phone is activated.

Disabling Voicemail-to-Text

  1. Tap Voicemail app
  2. Menu
  3. Settings
  4. Manage subscriptions
  5. Unsubscribe

Other Unsubscribe Methods

On the main page of the Voicemail app, there may be a "P" icon. Tap on that and then on Manage Subscription. From there, tap Unsubscribe.

Tap the voicemail message that explains Voicemail-to-Text and tap the "Unsubscribe" button.

If the Manage Subscription or Unsubscribe options are greyed out, try enabling data or connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi network and then attempting to access these settings again.


12. How long will my phone ring before it connects to Voicemail?

Across our CDMA and GSM networks, the ring time is 23 seconds unless the call is declined manually by the receiver. Changing this is not possible at this time, as it is a network standard used by both our CDMA and GSM partners. 




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  • Avatar
    Cindy Gonzales

    When I hold down 1 on the keypad the phone attempts to dial but then i get a busy signal.  Any suggestions?

  • Avatar
    Cindy Gonzales

    Please disregard the above, I found my online profile and updated it for voicemail usage. 

  • Avatar
    Michael Mayfield

    Just bought two phones - can't set up voice mail, however, activated them today.  Should I be waiting a certain amount of time??

  • Avatar
    Jon Macklin

    If you find that you don't have voicemail. It is because it's not active on your phone. Go into your account and click on "settings" next to the phone you want voicemail on. You'll see a list of items that you can check or uncheck and voicemail should be there and if it is unchecked then that is why your voicemail is not working. Check it off then go to the bottom of the page and click save! 

  • Avatar
    Roger Sanchez

    Hi all...I see the confusion here: the moderator states_ 'Ensure you have voicemail activated for your device in the device settings area of our control panel' - _This is unclear due to the fact that some people would look on their 'account settings' within the phone itself initially...The clarification here is to login to your account BEFORE doing anything on your phone to set-up voice-mail - to do this, you must do the following:

    1 - Go to & login to your account.

    2 - On the top-right drop-down menu, click 'My Account'.

    3 - From there, you will see a picture of your phone under 'Your Devices' - click 'Settings' within that area.

    4 - A lot of things are unchecked by default here_ (voice-mail being one of them)_, so you will need to manually go in there and check/un-check certain settings for how you wish to use your phone.

    5 - From here, you are NOW able to go to your** phone*, press '1' on your dial-pad for* three seconds** to be taken to voice-mail set-up and you're now able to use the voice-mail feature and set-up your voicemail. : ) 

     I think the biggest issue here was that people didn't know what 'device settings area of your control panel' was on their phone or on their account - hope this helps everyone & thanks again for an AWESOME product Ting - I love it!  ~ Roger

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hey... thanks a lot Roger! We should totally have this noted in our help article. I'll make sure we add it.

  • Avatar
    Roger Sanchez

    No problem Ben...I have been with you all for at least two weeks now and I absolutely LOVE your services/flexibility better than any other phone company I've ever been with...Kudos!

  • Avatar
    Jacob Hansen

    Any tips for Google Voice users? I'm wondering about the ability to integrate my voicemail with Google Voice voicemail. I think this was an option for Sprint phones, but I'm not sure if it applies to Ting phones.

  • Avatar
    joseph zaino

    i would like to hear an answer to Melissa’s question about google voice.

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hi Melissa and Joseph,

    The integration Melissa mentioned is the full carrier integration Google has with Sprint. That's where the combined voicemail box comes from.

    Some Ting GV users disable their voicemail on their cellphone and just use the Google Voice app for checking their voicemail.

    Sorry for the delay in response... it slipped passed us until we saw Joseph's note.

    Have a fantastic weekend,


  • Avatar
    Tom Walker

    How do i access my Ting voicemail from another phone, such as a landline.  I imagine I just call my Ting number and wait for VM to answer, but what then?  Press #, press *?, press #99?



  • Avatar
    Michael Whitman

    Hey Tom,

    You had it right. Dial your number from another line and when the greeting comes on push *. This will prompt you to enter your voicemail pass code.


  • Avatar
    Tom Walker

    Thanks Mike -- a couple more questions/comments:

    1) Comment: to setup voicemail initially, you have to do it from the Ting mobile device.  I tried calling from the landline, and while voicemail answers (as long as you have voicemail enabled via your Ting account settings page on the web), upong pressing "*" it tells you that you have to setup voicemail from your mobile device and in your home area.  No big deal -- but that means you have to burn 4 or 5 mobile  minutes setting up voicemail.  This is hardly worth mentioning, except that us Ting customers are a cheap bunch! :-) I have 4 phones to activate voicemail on, so that's 15 to 20 minutes total -- again, no biggie.

    2) When someone calls and leaves voicemail, are we charged minutes for the incoming call?  Of course we're charged if dial voicemail and listen to it over the air, but is there also a charge while incoming caller is leaving the message?

    3) Having just activated voicemail,  I have not yet received an actual voicemails.  There seems to be a default voicemail app on the phone, as I recall being prompted to update it when I first setup the phone.  Does this app record incoming messages locally on the phone such that when listening to them the customer does not have to incur airtime minutes?



  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hi Tom,

    1) From my understanding, that's a security feature of voicemail, since there's no default password set, the system makes sure you're calling from the device.

    2) You are only charged minutes if you answer the call. If somebody calls you and goes to voicemail, you won't be billed minutes.

    3) The Visual Voicemail app isn't supported, although it will let you activate it and use a 3 day trial, which can be confusing... I'm sorry about that. Since we're currently using Sprint phones, they come pre-loaded with default apps meant for Sprint retail customers.

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Fullmer

    I have voicemail checked under features however I get a message saying "the feature code you have selected is not valid" upon holding down 1 can calling voicemail.  Whats wrong?

  • Avatar
    Parker Pollock

    I hate listening to voicemails, and would rather receive a text.  Is there any way to activate the outgoing message (so that I can make a recording directing the caller to send a text message instead), and then disallow any recordings from being made into the mailbox?  I would like to find an "outgoing message only" feature, as opposed to simply not enabling the voice mailbox.

  • Avatar
    Ryan Newton

    Parker, Sprint doesn't have anything like that. There are two ways you could accomplish something similar.

    1) Record a voicemail greeting informing your caller to text you and that you won't be checking voicemail. Then, leave yourself several long voicemails such that your mailbox fills up and won't accept any new messages. I think voicemails expire after 20-30 days, so you'll have to renew filling up your mailbox every so often. The other option is to simply not listen to voicemail and warn people with the voicemail greeting. That will effectively accomplish your goal, though it's not a terribly pretty way to go about it.

    2) Forward your number using "forward on no answer" such that if you don't pick up the call after 4-5 rings it forwards to a number that has a PBX setup that plays back that message. This could be a landline if you have a spare number sitting around, but more likely it's easier to use a VoIP DID tied into that kind of PBX system. You could also try playing around with forwarding to google voice, as it has similar options, but I don't think you can do exactly what you're asking (but it can do a somewhat error prone voice to text transcription and send voicemail transcripts to email). If none of this makes any sense, I suggest you stick with option 1.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Arrow

    I forgot my voicemail password as I never really use it and now I can't figure out how to change it.  For some reason the Voicemail app will actually still download the voicemails fine although dialing the voicemail # requires the password.   Does anyone know how to change the password?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Hey Kevin,

    You can reset your voicemail password within the Ting Dashboard. Just go to Settings for the phone number and uncheck the Voicemail checkbox and Save. Give it about 30 seconds, then re-check the Voicemail checkbox and Save again.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that this will also erase all the messages saved on the server, there's no way around this unfortunately, so if you think you have an important message be sure to try your best to recall the password (perhaps try a few you would normally use).

  • Avatar
    Kevin Arrow

    Thank you. I'll give that a try.

  • Avatar
    Ben Flemming

    So, 'Visual Voicemail' is an unsupported Sprint app that won't work for me. Is that right?

    If so, what do I do instead? I missed a voicemail yesterday because I never got notification that one had come in. Do I need to install a different voicemail app? How do I uninstall Visual Voicemail?


    (I have an LG Optimus S)

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    That's right Ben. If you're not getting voicemail notifications after a reboot, please give us a call at 1-855-846-4389 (between Monday and Friday, from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time) so we can investigate that with you.

  • Avatar
    Daniel Ford

    A newly activated Samsun transform ultra refurb, with voicemail enabled on its features in my account; every attempt to access and setup voicemail is met with "the number or code you have dialed is incorrect." Any suggestions?

  • Avatar
    Michael Whitman

    Hey Daniel,

    Sounds like the provisioning of the device may not have been complete. Have you done the update profile on the device? This is found under Settings -> About phone -> System Updates -> Update Profile.

    I've also toggled the voice mail service for you in case it didn't get set at a network level, and if you are still running into issues, please do drop us a email at and we'd be happy to help.

  • Avatar
    Paul Peavyhouse

    I setup my voicemail on my BYOD device, but I am not getting notifications of new voicemails. If I call my voicemail I can get my messages, but no notifications. I have reset my voicemail to try to fixthis, but I am still not getting notifications. Any ideas whats going wrong?

  • Avatar
    Rob Lake


    I'm afraid I don't know of any straight forward fix for this.

    If you're using anything other than the default Sprint OS, that could be the problem. If you're using the default OS, make sure it's fully up to date. If you've installed any kind of task manager apps that could be interfering with this, turn them off or uninstall them. If you've done anything to disable notifications or have installed apps that may be interfering with notifications, undo/uninstall... all of that.

    If after all that, nothing is fixed, a factory reset will probably be your best option. Of course if you're going to go ahead with a reset, please ensure you back up any data you need to keep in tact.

  • Avatar
    Dala Guisinger

    I have voicemail enabled on my Ting LG Marquee.

    The other day, I checked my voicemail from my home phone (saves minutes) and after I deleted the voicemail that was there, the new voicemail notification would not go away on my phone. I have tried everything to remove it. I searched online and found all sorts of advice, from deleting my cache on Dialer, Voicemail apps, rebooting my phone, taking the battery out for 30 seconds, calling and leaving a message and then deleting it (now I have a voicemail notification that I have TWO new voicemails that aren't there any longer) and even tried unchecking the Voicemail selection from my Ting settings for a few minutes (to reset my voicemail) on the Ting's voicemail server and then checking it again to activate it. Even when I had the voicemail option taken off of my phone, I still had the notification that I have 2 new voicemails, when I actually have none.

    HOW can I remove this inaccurate annoyance? Please don't tell me to do a factory reset. I shouldn't have to do this each time I have a voicemail deleted from the server.

  • Avatar
    Rob Lake

    Hi Dala,

    I'm so sorry. That does sound like an annoyance.

    Well it sounds like you've already done your research. If none of those options are working, it doesn't leave us with very much else to try.

    The first thing I do suggest is completing a profile update at Settings > About Phone or Settings > System Updates, and see if that takes care of it.

    If not, well you mentioned that you'd already disabled voicemail on the network and then re-enabled it. You could try that again, but this time complete a profile while voicemail is disabled.

    You could also try leaving voicemail disabled for longer than a few minutes.

    If none of that does anything, then sadly, a factory reset might be your best option. I wish it wasn't, but if the phone isn't updating, then I don't believe there's much else that we can do to force it to.

    The good news though is that there are plenty of back-up options available, and you coudl back-up almost everything on your prior to initiating the reset.

    Please let us know if it's still a problem.

  • Avatar
    Timothy Wegner

    I have never had a passcode on my voicemail. I still have some old voicemails that I can access with no code. Suddenly my voicemail has a passcode that is required for a voicemeail that I got today (not important that I get it). But I can't access it without a passcode. Could this be a new default for the Android update we got recently? Any ideas?

    Reading the other messages here, since I don't have any valuable voicemails, I guess I could disable then re-enable voicemail from the ting dashboard, right?


  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Yes, that should work. Probably better to do so before any new messages are left. Give it a minute before re-enabling it after disabling it as well.

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