Adding or Updating a Payment Method on Your Ting Internet Account

Ting accounts are set up for automatic billing to your credit or debit card to make life easier. These payment methods can be easily adjusted from within your account settings. You can also check which payment method is your default for charges and add, remove, or update payment methods.

Viewing Billing Details

To view your current payment method once logged in select Billing from the left navigation menu.

The top left corner of a Ting account's Plan Overview page is shown. In the left navigation menu the Billing option is circled for emphasis.


You can also see your billing history and obtain PDFs of past bills in this section of your account.

How you access and update your payment method might vary based on if you log into your account through our or site. If the top of your account looks more like the image shown here, please see the Legacy Site instructions at the bottom of this article.
An image showing the upper left portion of a user account on Ting's legacy site. It is visually distinct from the site as it has Plan overview and Usage alerts on the left menu instead of Overview and Billing.

You can also click Manage payment by your Current balance to get to to the Billing area of your account.

The Payment Details section will show you any saved payment methods. The payment method your bill is automatically charged to each month will be marked as Default.

An image shows the Payment Details screen which lists two different saved payment methods on the account. They show the card's last four digits, card type, billing address, and expiration date. The default card is marked with a green Default flag and the secondary payment method has the option to set as default or remove.

Adding a Payment Method

Click Add payment method under the Payment Details section. This will let you enter and save a new payment method to use for future charges. Fill out all fields before clicking Add.

The window to add a credit card is shown with the fields for Card number, Name on Card, and billing address. There is a checkbox to make the card the default payment method. At the bottom are the options to cancel or add the card.


Click to check the Make this default payment method box if you'd like this method to be charged for regular bills moving forward. It will replace your previous default method.

Updating a Payment Method

If you need to change your account's billing method, such as when a credit card reaches its expiration date, click Set as default next to your preferred method on the Payment Details screen.

You should see the word Default appear next to your designated payment method.

You can also remove previously saved payment methods by clicking the Remove option next to them. You must keep at least one payment method saved to the account.

Managing Payment Methods on the Legacy Site

For users in our legacy site, credit card information can be viewed under Account Settings when logged into your account. On this page, the current credit card is visible under Payment method.

Click Update payment method to change the credit card information.

The Account settings screen is shown for the Legacy Ting site. The left menu shows the options to view your last bill, billing istory, or sign out.

After filling out the necessary fields, select Save changes.

An image to the left shows the Edit billing information window which has field to input full name, credit card number, expiration date, year, and security number of the card as well as issuing bank and issuing bank's tollfree number.An image to the right of the Edit billing information screenshot shows the next menu for Billing address, requesting full name and address. At the bottom is the Save changes button.

The credit card entered here will be charged for all future bills and transactions until it is updated again in the future.

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