Managing your Ting Internet bill

Your Ting account gives you the ability to view and manage many details related to your Internet service. Your billing history is available from the most recent bill to the first, and each bill can be downloaded. Changes can also be made to your billing details, including payment method and service features.

Viewing your bill

Your billing history and bill details are viewable through your Ting account. After logging in to your account, hovering your cursor over My account in the top right corner of the screen reveals the basic navigation options. Select Billing history to view all the transactions on your account.


Your billing history displays your monthly bill, as well as the bill payments. It also displays any credits or other transactions that might occur. Monthly bills can also be downloaded as a PDF. 


The billing history items can be clicked on for more details and further itemization, including any applicable taxes.

Most states do not tax internet service specifically, but physical items such as routers or Wi-Fi extenders would include a tax on sales or rental fees.


Making changes

Viewing and updating credit card information

Your credit card information can be viewed under Account Settings once you're logged into your account. On this page, the current credit card is visible under Payment method. Click Update payment method to change credit card information.


After filling out the necessary fields, select Save changes.


The credit card entered here will be charged for all future bills and transactions until it is updated again in the future.


Updating your account password and security options

You can change your Ting account password and enable features such as two-factor authentication for added security when accessing your online Ting account. Go to Account Settings to access the specific options.  If you cannot recall your account password, you can also send a reset email to your account email and follow the instructions to recover or update the password.


Altering your service details

Parts of your service can be changed at any time with the assistance of our Support team. We can change your billing date, the speed tier of your service, and add devices such as Wi-Fi extenders or TV streaming equipment. The Internet Support team can make these changes. Changes, such as service speed or billing date, will not reflect in your billing history until the next billing cycle. However, purchases such as Wi-Fi extenders will be visible immediately upon payment.

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