Running a Factory Reset

Sometimes, when all else fails, a device has to be set back to factory defaults to fix problems that have arisen. You may also be selling or returning a phone and want to delete all your personal data. Whatever the reason, here are the various ways that you can get your device back to factory settings. If you're in the midst of troubleshooting and need to back up your device first, check out this article before you start that reset.

These directions won't cover every phone, so if you've tried these methods and you can't find any information on how to reset your phone, get in touch and we'll help you track down those directions.

If resetting as part of troubleshooting we strongly suggest ensuring your active device is not on the list of obsolete Sprint devices

If a carrier reset, profile, or PRL update are performed on an already active phone on the list it will be unable to activate and will need to be replaced. New activations will not be possible unless the phone can be manually programmed.

The only solution is to manually program the phone if possible (data usage is not possible with activations via manual programming) or to obtain a new device. Please contact support for help troubleshooting or activating with these devices.

Resetting an Android Phone From the Software

Resetting an Android Phone From the Hardware

Resetting an iOS Device

Resetting Windows OS7 and OS8 Phones

Resetting a Feature Phone


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