Using the eero 2.5G Port for 2 Gigabit Speeds

To experience the full speed of Ting's 2 Gigabit plan with your eero Pro 6E router, it's important that your Ethernet cable is connected to the correct port.

Checking your Ethernet Connection

eero Pro 6E routers provided as part of Ting Whole Home Wi-Fi have two Ethernet ports on them. If you want the full benefit of your 2 Gigabit speed plan, the Ethernet cable that connects your eero Pro 6E to the internet should be plugged into the left port labeled 2.5G.

  1. Look at the back of your router, and find the Ethernet cable that goes from your eero to the ONT (a grey box likely mounted to your wall).

  2. If the cable coming from your ONT is connected to the 1G port on the right, you will need to move it.

  3. Unplug the Ethernet cable and plug it into the 2.5G port on the left of your eero 6E router. The connector should make a small click sound when it is properly connected.
  4. Your eero will automatically reconfigure itself. You can now get up to 2 Gigabit speeds!

If you have other devices connected to your eero Ethernet port, plug them into the 1G port. This will ensure your whole home can share the 2 Gigabit internet speed.


Testing Your Speed

Screenshot showing eero app with 2G speeds

You can verify changes in speed by opening the eero app and tapping the Internet icon at the top. Then press the blue Run speed test button at the bottom.

Your results will look similar to those on the right, with a Wired data rate showing 2.5 Gbps now rather than 1 Gbps.

For more info on expected speeds with the 2 Gigabit plan please see Home 2 Gigabit Speeds article.

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