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Carrier Porting Information


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If you're trying to port your number to Ting, the most frustrating part can be trying to sort out what information your current wireless or mobile carrier requires to release your number. While it can seem like a complete mystery, there is method to the madness.

This article will be constantly evolving and we won't even guarantee that it'll always be up to date, but we'll try to keep it current. Please contribute in the comments section of this article if you've ported a number within the past three months and you can add to or correct the information we have. We're especially interested in what it takes to port away from prepaid carriers as those tend to be the trickiest.

Throughout this article we'll use the word "you" and "your." In this context, "you" = the account holder.


  • your SIM card number is your account number
  • your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number


  • account number
  • PIN

AT&T Business

  • account number
  • PIN (not the account login password)
  • business name and address
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number) is the business tax ID

Check out Alfred's fantastic post for the full run down on how to make sure your port is successful

AT&T GoPhone

  • your account number is not your phone number; you'll need to contact GoPhone customer service (611 from your mobile phone) to get that information
  • your PIN is the one you set up initially when you opened the account; if you don't remember if you'll need to contact customer service to get it


  • you'll need to contact Boost for your account number; it is not your phone number and it's not displayed in your online account
  • online login PIN

Cincinnati Bell / i-Wireless

  • call to get your account number
  • you'll need to set your PIN 24 hours before beginning your port

For the full run down on Cincinnati Bell/i-Wireless porting information click here

Consumer Cellular

  • Account number is your customer identification number; this can be found on your account or on your bill - generally 9 digits
  • Your PIN is the last 4 numbers of your SSN
  • Alternative PIN: 0000
  • Porting centre number: 888-750-5519


  • Account number is your member number
  • Your PIN is 0000


  • account number (not phone number)
  • password is your AID or authorization ID


  • You can get your Account number by going to My Account > Account Settings at
  • If the PIN number is not be visible, you would need to speak with a customer service representative to get it. To contact FreedomPop, visit 

FreedomPop has has an online help page to guide you through porting out your number


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Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google Fi has has an online help page to guide you through porting out your number.


Google Voice

The folks over at Google Voice have made it easy by providing a handy guide to porting out:

Remember, Google Voice numbers are treated like landlines when you port them and take 5-7 days to complete.

H2O Wireless

  • account number is the ICCID of the SIM card
  • PIN is the last 4 digits of that ICCID

Kroger i-wireless

  • account number is phone number
  • password is the PIN used to sign in on the website or access the account over the phone

Line2 /

  • account number is phone number without dashes and a "1" added to the beginning
  • use a placeholder such as 0000
  • ensure that you know your address on file with them--they will verify that in the port request

Important:  Once your number has been ported out Line 2 will assign a new number to your account. If you no longer wish to have service with Line 2 then you'll need to cancel that new number or billing will continue. For directions on how to cancel your Line 2 service after you've ported your number out, click here.

Metro PCS

  • 9-digit account number
  • call-in passcode (generally 8-digit birthdate unless you've changed it)

Page Plus

  • your 10-digit phone number is your account number
  • your PIN is the last 4 digits of the number unless you've changed it


  • account number is the phone number you are transferring
  • see PlatinumTel account for PIN


  • your 10-digit phone number is your account number
  • your PIN is your billing zip code


  • your account number is your phone number
  • your PIN is the MSL of your device

Sprint / Sprint Prepaid

  • account Number
  • 6-10 security PIN

Straight Talk

  • your device's MEID/IMEI is your account number OR if you brought your own device, the last 15 digits of your SIM card number is your account number
  • no PIN number, so you can just enter a place holder


  • account number
  • T-Mobile will need to provide you with the PIN

T-Mobile Prepaid

  • your 10-digit phone number with 1 in front is your account number
  • PIN - To set a PIN, dial 611, say "no" to refill, choose "manage my account", choose "change my account PIN", then set your 4-digit PIN

TracFone / Net10

  • your device's MEID/IMEI is your account number
  • your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number

Ultra Mobile

  • your account number is found in the top left corner of your online account management portal - if you do not have an account for, call 888-777-0446 to get your account number
  • passcode is the last four digits of your Ultra Mobile phone number

US Cellular

  • your account number
  • the 4-digit PIN on your account


  • account Number - The format is 000000000-00000 but should be entered in our port form without the dash. Can be found in your online account by going to My Verizon > Account  > Account Overview - account number listed at top
  • billing PIN - This may be a number or password. If it hasn't been changed, it will likely be the last 4 digits of the account holder's SSN. If you don't know your billing PIN you'll need to reset it by calling Verizon Customer Support at 1-800-922-0204.

Verizon Prepaid

  • your 10-digit phone number is your account number
  • your password is the 4-digit password that you use to access your account from your phone


  • account number, which is NOT your phone number (this changed in 2013). You may have to call in to get this as it may not be listed anywhere in your online account
  • account PIN

Another method for finding your account number:

  1. Log in to your Virgin Mobile account
  2. Right click anywhere on the page
  3. Select "View Source"
  4. Open a browser search box (CTRL + F on a PC, Command + F on a Mac)
  5. Search for "ban-id" or "ban"
  6. Note the number listed next to the ban-id; this is your account number

Alternately, you can view your cookies for the "" domain and it will be listed under a cookie with the name "ban."


  • phone number as billing phone
  • your billing name and address
  • Vonage headquarters' zip code 07733
  • security PIN
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  • Avatar
    Rocky Hinten

    We ported numbers out from AT&T.  We didn't have a PIN set up with them, so we didn't need that.  I think it just needed the account number and some confirming that it was me on the phone, so therefore the social security # that was listed on the account.

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Hey Rocky,

    Thanks for being the first to jump in! Was that AT&T contract or prepaid?

  • Avatar
    Lisa Carey

    We ported over from AT&T just over a year ago.  One of our lines ported over in about 4 hours, the other took 4 or 5 days.  The one that took longer was the account holder line so apparently that held it up?   Anyway - it was frustrating at the time.  Glad to be free of AT&T. 


  • Avatar
    Lisa Carey

    And to confirm - we did not need a pin either, just the account number and I believe ssn.  It was under contract, not prepaid.


  • Avatar
    Brian Ring

    We ported 2 numbers from Verizon, was so easy I couldn't believe it was done.  I didn't even have to contact Verizon to say I cancel your service they got notification that my numbers ported over to Ting and canceled my service for me and sent me an email to let me know.

  • Avatar
    Katie Erickson

    I had no trouble porting my number over from Verizon. My biggest annoyance was getting my final bill from Verizon after I left. I could no longer login to see the details of my bill or get tech support, which was kind of a pain. 3 relatively pointless phone calls and lots of minutes on hold later, I had to go to a Verizon store and got a paper copy of my bill. But everything on the Ting side of things went perfectly. :)

  • Avatar
    Ian Cooper

    No issues porting from Verizon for me. I made sure to do it on the last day of my Verizon billing cycle and the bill that I received for that cycle was for $0.

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Thanks, everyone! The AT&T info has been updated.

  • Avatar
    Dan Stumpf

    Porting from Tmobile worked great on Ting's side. Tmobile took a little while, and I had to call them a few times, but it eventually worked. The only issue I had was that for about a day, I received some calls on my Tmobile phone, and some on my Ting phone. I eventually just dismantled my Tmobile phone (took out the battery), and the port completed.

  • Avatar
    Rocky Hinten

    Yeah, ours was the regular contract version.  We had been with AT&T through their name change to Cingular and back to AT&T.  We started off in 2000, so we had been with them for about 13 years.  We never would go to smart phones and data plans, though--too expensive--so we bailed out of AT&T to get there.

  • Avatar
    Christopher Pohl

    I ported from Virgin Mobile and after a month of the worst customer service and broken porting department I finally got my number changed.  We had a rep from Ting on the phone with the Virgin rep and they were both repeating the same account and pin numbers back to each other and verifying them as correct, but still the Virgin porting department kept refusing the port and claiming a wrong account or pin number.  Not only was their carrier service abysmal but their customer service was all outsourced to people who didn't really know how to fix any of my problems.

  • Avatar
    Jake Keyser

    I came from Verizon and had no issues. The instructions above are correct. I just used my account number and the password for my online "My Veriozon" account. I was amazed at the speed it was done. In less than an hour my TING phone was up and running!

  • Avatar
    Jim Cook

    I ported our 2 phone numbers over from Verizon. I followed the instructions in the tutorial and it worked great. After number was successfully ported, I wanted to confirm that my account with Verizon was closed so I tried logging into my account and got the message that 'number could not be found'. I have to say at the customer support staff at Ting is great. I always dreaded calling Verizon customer support and having to go through all the layers of their automated answering system. Imagine my surprise when I called Ting customer support and a REAL PERSON picked up the phone!

  • Avatar
    Kristen Swauger

    We are/were Verizon customers and our contract ended in January. We have ported one of five lines over to Ting to "test the waters" and spread the cost of new phones over several months. We had no issues with porting that number from Verizon. Like others here, the port was complete in several hours. I had expected at least a day, but was very pleasantly surprised to receive the message about 2 hours after the request that it was complete

  • Avatar
    Yuriy Petrenko

    I ported 3 contract numbers from ATT. Everything was smooth, the only hick up was porting ATT pre-paid number, I did not know there was a PIN on a pre-paid, so spent some time with ATT to get that code. i'm satisfied with Ting so far, there are 2 technical issues that bother me: MMS are not working smoothly and international (global) messages are not working at all! My calls to Tech Support could not fix both problems till now. PS. I use HTC Evo 4G.

  • Avatar
    Wesley Stout

    I ported from Verizon a few months ago also. Like others have said it happened really quickly. I would add one thing however. If you were like me porting one number and leaving another number(s) as part of a share plan. You will need to call Verizon and adjust the plan. We are waiting on my wife's contract to run out (and hopefully more current iPhone support) before we convert her over, and well Verizon left us on a very expensive share plan for a month with a single line. Verizon customer service was as helpful as you would expect (sarcasm), so a little easier I'm sure to change the plan after the number is ported instead of waiting a month.

  • Avatar

    Ported from Sprint and was ready to go within the hour. Smooth

  • Avatar
    Kelley Laughlin

    Ported # fron Virgin.At first I thought the acct# was the phone #, but when that didn't work, I tried the Virgin website to find the account number, which they don't post, even though you are signed in. Called Virgin support.They gave the Account number after only 1 question( What's it for? Personal use?) Entered number to Ting. Easy Peasy after that. :)

  • Avatar
    Denny May

    Net10 is just like TracFone.

  • Avatar
    Denny May

    Net10 is just like TracFone.

  • Avatar
    Dean Ticks

    Ported over from Sprint, quick and painless overall. Sprint Business service was a little problematic in the transfer, but Ting support was fantastic. Never regretted the move for one second!

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Great stuff! The Net10 and Virgin information has been added.

  • Avatar
    Alfred Kornel

    FYI, I made a post some months back with the information needed for porting out of Cincinnati Bell Wireless (also known as i-wireless):


  • Avatar
    Alfred Kornel

    In addition, I am soon going to be porting a number away from an AT&T Business account.  This business account does have a PIN attached, so we'll see what happens!  I'll post again once the port is complete.

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Thanks, Alfred! I've added the Cincinnati Bell info and definitely let us know what happens with your business line port.

  • Avatar
    Alfred Kornel

    The port looks to be done!  It was a pretty involved process.  I wrote it up here:

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Hey Alfred--that's fantastic! Thanks so much. I'm going to post your link above so people can find your post quickly.

  • Avatar
    Francois de La Bruere

    Thanks for this helpful list.  You should put a link to it on the page where that info is required in your signup process!

  • Avatar
    Heather Francis

    I ported from Boost prepaid. I think I hit on a little secret while doing so. I had prepaid my upcoming monthly bill and so knew that I would have a billing issue with them. I went to and followed their advice as to what number to use. Once I got a person, I said I needed my account # because I had a billing issue I needed to put in writing to the company. That is per their TOU agreement for filing a disagreement with them. The boost rep couldn't get my account # fast enough and apologized that I was having a billing issue at all. I think that because it was a billing issue they had to scramble quickly because of federal consumer regulations. If I had just said I was porting, I bet they would have transferred me all over the place. I bet this approach will work with other prepaid services also. So, from now on, it's a billing issue, baby!

  • Avatar
    Joseph Shelley

    I am getting ready to port a number over from Virgin Mobile. I sent a request for my account number to their support dept. through my Virgin mobile online account saying I wanted it for my records, and a day later I received a reply containing my account number. So you can get this without calling if you are not in a hurry.

    Does anyone know if my Virgin Mobile pay as you go account will be canceled and closed when I port out my number?



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