Porting your number out of Ting

We hope you never want to port any of your numbers away. On the off chance that you do, we want to keep things simple for you, just follow the steps below.

  1. Give yourself sufficient time

    Number transfers typically take between 2-24 hours. We suggest that you submit your number transfer at least 48 hours before the end of your current billing cycle. If there is an active line when your billing cycle rolls over then a new cycle will start. 

    Gather your account information

    You will need your:
    Ting account number
    PIN associated with the number you want to port
    Ting account holder name and billing address

    We've made it super easy for you by gathering all this information in one place. Just log in to your ting.com account, go to your Account settings tab, scroll to the bottom and click Port out information.

    All the information you need is listed on this page. The PIN is specific to the phone number you want to port out so make sure to take down the correct one.

  2. Using your phone with your new provider


    When you are porting your number to a new phone, to a GSM carrier, or to a Verizon or US Cellular based carrier, then it should go smoothly. As long as your porting information matches, you'll be all set.

    If your new carrier is Sprint or a carrier that uses their towers, there are a couple details you should know. Sprint numbers can't transfer at the same time as the phone. If you're looking to transfer your phone number and the phone it is associated with at the same time, it can cause some issues. Your new carrier will have to supply a temporary device (often called a dummy device) to get around this issue. Alternatively, if you have an old Sprint phone on your account, that phone could also be used as a dummy device.

    Once the number has been moved to the dummy device, this will de-activate the device your number was on. Your new provider will then be able to move your number from the dummy device to the device you wanted to use.

    GSM to CDMA/GSM to GSM

    On our GSM network, you won't need to worry about a dummy device. Once you have transferred your number away, your Ting SIM card will be de-activated. GSM SIM cards are not reusable, so you can go ahead and dispose of your Ting SIM and put in your new provider's SIM.

  3. Disable iMessage (if required)

    If your number is currently on an iPhone and will remain on an iPhone, you do not need to disable iMessage.

    If you're moving your number from an iPhone to an Android, Windows or feature phone, you'll want to disable iMessage first.

  4. Submit your number transfer

    Now you've got all the information you need to port your number out of Ting, you can initiate the port out process with your new carrier. We'll be able to approve that port out request when it reaches us automatically, as we do not need to manually release your number.

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