Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is necessary for Ting customers to add an extra level of security to accounts.

The idea behind two-factor authentication is that you must supply two pieces of information to access your account. One piece is a knowledge test like a username and password. The other is a possession test that requires a mobile phone or authenticator app to supply a unique code.

If someone were to uncover your username and password, they still would not be able to pass the possession test without access to your cell phone or authenticator app. Without both parts, nobody would be able to access your account. 

Setting up two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication offers the best security for your Ting Mobile account. To ensure the safety of your account, you'll be prompted to set up two-factor authentication when you sign in if you haven't already.

  1. Sign in to your Ting Mobile account.
    Note: If you don't get a pop-up window asking to set up two-factor authentication or you've already set it up in the past and want to change your authentication method, navigate to Account settings and click Manage account security underneath Account security.
    Manage account security
  2. In the two-factor authentication pop-up window, enter your password and click Continue.
    Enter your password
  3. Select the radio button that corresponds to your preferred two-factor authentication method.
    Note: If you've already set up two-factor authentication and want to change its number, you can choose I want to use another phone.
    Choose your two-factor method
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up with an authenticator app or SMS.
      1. Download and open an authenticator app.
        Download an authenticator app
      2. Using the authenticator app, scan the QR code shown on the screen, or enter the Manual key.
        Scan QR code
      3. Enter the verification code generated by the authenticator app and click Enable.
        Enter code
      1. Choose the Ting phone number you want the code sent to from the drop-down, or select Other to enter a different number. Click Send code.
        Choose the phone number
      2. Enter the code that you received via SMS, then click Save settings.
        Enter SMS code
  5. Two-factor authentication is successfully enabled!
    Two-factor success

Save your recovery codes!

Print a copy of your recovery codes and store them securely. You can use the codes to access your account if you don't have access to your 2FA method. You can only use each code once, so we suggest marking off used ones. When you generate new codes, your old codes will no longer be valid for use.

Recovery codes print

Signing in with two-factor authentication

  1. Sign in using your username and password.
  2. Enter the authentication code from either your authenticator app or SMS and click Continue in the pop-up.
    Enter authenticator or SMS code
  3. You're all set! If it didn't work, you could always try again by clicking Re-send SMS or using a recovery code

Getting new recovery codes

When you turn on 2FA, a set of one-time-use recovery codes are automatically generated. You can use each of these codes once to enable you to gain access to your account without authenticating via SMS or an authenticator app. Once you've used all six have, you'll need to generate new codes. Generally, you only need these codes if you lose your phone or accidentally delete your authenticator app.

If you run out of recovery codes or have misplaced them, you can log into your account and generate new recovery codes.

To generate new recovery codes, login to your Ting Mobile account and go to the Account security tab. Scroll to Account security and click on Manage account security. Re-enter your password, then select Generate new account recovery codes. Make sure to print and save a copy of your new recovery codes!

Generate new account recovery codes

Using your recovery code

If you are signing into and don't have access to your phone to receive the SMS code or use your authenticator app, you can use a recovery code as a one-time token to enter your account.

  1. Click on Need to use a recovery code?
  2. Then, enter your recovery code and click Continue.
    Enter recovery code
  3. You're all set! Remember that you can only use the code once, so keep track of which ones you've used. 

If you do not have a recovery code or have used all six, please get in touch with support to reset your account security. 

Unable to access account

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