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Canceling an Account


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How do I cancel my account?

Send in a help request or give us a call at 1-855-846-4847 so we can help you out with that. If you get in touch via help request, please let us know the reason you're canceling; we use that information to help us improve the service.

If you only have mobile service:

  • Your account will close within 48 hours.
  • Your devices will be deactivated automatically within 48 hours.
  • Your account will still incur usage until the end of that 48 hours unless you deactivate those devices right away.
  • If you want to port out your numbers, make sure to do so before canceling your account to give yourself sufficient time.
  • Your last bill will be available within about a week of your cancelation and your credit or debit card will be billed for your usage and any outstanding charges.

If you change your mind for any reason, it may be possible to reinstate your account within that 48-hour period. Give us a call at 1-855-846-4847 so we can check on that for you.

If you only have Internet service:

  • Your account will close at the end of your billing cycle.
  • You will have Internet service until the end of your billing cycle.
  • You will receive no further bills after you cancel.

If you have both mobile and Internet services:

  • Your mobile devices will be deactivated automatically within 48 hours.
  • Your Internet service will continue until the end of your billing cycle.
  • Your account will close once your Internet service is deactivated.
  • You will receive your final bill with what remains of your mobile usage at the end of the billing cycle.
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  • Avatar
    Ratan Shah

    i tried to cancel my account.....and i did
    But then i was asked to call a phone # only to find out it is closed.
    Do i really have to call and waste my time?
    Pl cancel my account ASAP
    i do not have time to call you at your leisure.
    I work. You are closed.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Ratan.

    You will have to give us a call, hop in an online chat or send us an email so we can set up cancelling your account. The reason being is that we need to verify some information on your account in order to perform these steps for you. Please let us know when you are more available so we can help you!

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Solis

    Is there a way I can take my phone number with me? Or do I lose it when I cancel?

  • Avatar
    Brian McLellan

    Hi Jeffrey! You'll want to port out your number before cancelling. Cancelling the account deactivates all numbers that are active.

    To port out your number, the new carrier just needs to send us a port request with your port out information (which you can find in your Account Settings). This brings the number over.

    The upside of this is that a Ting account is only active when there are active numbers present on it. If you port out all of your numbers, your account is effectively closed, and there's no more intervention or action required on your part.

  • Avatar
    Wiriya Suwannet

    I want to canceling my Account cause i use this account/phone number for temporary and now i move to my home country already, please help to cancel thank you
    Wiriya Suwannet
    Please call back if have any concern
    +66 81 7020613

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