Setting Up a Zyxel EMG3425 Ting Router

The ZyxeL EMG3425-Q10A is a gigabit-capable residential gateway/router with top-tier specifications and excellent wireless performance. It enhances your Ting Fiber experience by offering up to 100 Mbps on the 2.4GHz network, up to 400 Mbps on the 5GHz AC network, and up to 1000 Mbps on a Cat6 wired connection for compatible devices.

Bear in mind that the stated wireless speeds are theoretical and based on optimal environmental conditions, without interference or obstacles. For the fastest speeds, we recommend a wired connection via Cat6 Ethernet whenever possible.


  • Dual Band 2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n/ac wireless capabilities
  • Can achieve up to 600 Mbps on 5GHz with supported devices in optimal conditions
  • Supports up to four simultaneous SSIDs
  • Includes a 4-port Ethernet gateway
  • Comes with USB host for network-attached storage
  • Features an LED on/off button for those who prefer not to have lights on or blinking
The backside of a Zyxel EMG3425-Q10A has a white sticker that displays the Wi-Fi defaults, web GUI login defaults, MAC address, and other info. Starting left to right on the bottom of the unit, there's the following buttons and ports: a 2.0 USB port, a (factory) RESET button, the DC IN (power supply), POWER button, four yellow LAN ports (numbered LAN1 to LAN4), a blue WAN port, a LED ON/OFF button, and a WiFi ON/OFF button.

Configuration Defaults

Gateway IP
Router web interface login Username: admin
Password: 1234
*If the password isn't working, it may have been changed by a router user.
SSID ZyXELxxxx (2.4G) and ZyXELxxxx_5G (5G)
Security WPA2-PSK (with randomly generated PSK found on the info label)

Accessing the Web Configuration Interface (GUI) 

Follow these steps to log in to the web interface (GUI).

  1. Connect to the Zyxel Gateway using a wired connection. If a wired connection is not possible, you can use a wireless connection. However, any changes to the wireless network you are connected to will disconnect you. 
  2. Navigate to the Zyxel IP address using your web browser. If unchanged, it will default to or
  3. Upon your first login, you may be prompted to change the admin password. This password is needed to access the Zyxel web configuration tool and will be required for any future changes. This is not the same as the Wi-Fi password - this one controls admin access to your router.

The Zyxel web interface (GUI) login screen that lists the following fields and buttons from top to bottom: A dropdown for Language, a User field, a Password field with the beside it. The password is a max of 30 alphanumeric, printable characters and no spaces.

It is important to remember this password. There is no way to retrieve the password - a factory reset of the Zyxel Gateway will be required. You can write it down, or best to save it in a secure password manager application. 

Setting Up Wi-Fi

These are the standard Wi-Fi settings, such as enabling or disabling each SSID, as well as setting the encryption type and key.

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Network from the tree menu on the left side.
  3. Select the Wireless network you want to configure, either Wireless LAN 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
  4. Enter your desired network name in the Name (SSID) field. We recommend appending '_2.4' or '_5' to the networks if they would otherwise have the same name.
  5. Set the Security Mode to WPA2-PSK.
    WPS should be avoided, and WEP should never be used.
  6. Set your network password in the Pre-Shared Key field.
The The Zyxel web interface (GUI) Wireless LAN 2.4G Network Configuration screen showing the General tab buttons and fields.

If you wish to change these settings for both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz networks, remember to repeat these steps for each.

Changing the Gateway IP Address or Subnet

Here's how to change the Gateway IP Address or Subnet.

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Network from the tree menu on the left side.
  3. Go to LAN > IP tab and modify the IP address of the gateway and its subnet mask.
The The Zyxel web interface (GUI) Network
        LAN Network Configuration screen on the IP tab. The fields listed are the IP Address and IP
        Subnet Mask.

Make sure the gateway is on the same subnet as the starting address of the IP pool.

Configuring DHCP

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Network from the tree menu on the left side.
  3. Go to the General tab.

The The Zyxel web interface (GUI) DHCP Server Network Configuration screen on the General tab showing an Enable and Disable
        DHCP radio buttons, IP Pool Starting Address field, and a Pool Size field.

• It's typically best to keep DHCP enabled to ensure new devices automatically receive IP addresses. However, if you prefer to assign static IP addresses to each client, you can do that by using DHCP reservations.
• Make sure the starting address is in the same subnet as the gateway IP address. For example, if the gateway is at, set the starting address at 192.168.1.x, not 192.168.2.x

Static IP / DHCP Reservation

Static IP/DHCP Reservation refers to the process of assigning a fixed IP address to a device on a network, ensuring that the device always retains the same IP address even after rebooting.

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Network from the tree menu on the left side.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab.
  4. Each client device running a service for which ports will be forwarded must be assigned a static LAN IP address in the DHCP tables. You can set this up using the device's MAC address and the desired IP address.

NAT and Port-Forwarding

NAT modifies and translates IP addresses for devices on a network, while port-forwarding directs network traffic to specific devices based on the port number. 

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Network from the tree menu on the left side.
  3. Go to Nat > Port Forwarding tab.
  4. Once the LAN devices have been assigned a static IP, you can point specific ports or port ranges to the LAN IP of those devices.

The Zyxel web interface (GUI) DHCP Server Network
        Network Configuration. General tab displays the Network NAT Port
  Forwarding tab displaying the Default Server Setup radio button options, Server
  Name dropdown, Server IP Address field, Service Protocol dropdown, Port field
  and the Apply and Cancel buttons.

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