Connecting a Router to Your Ting Internet Service

Now that your home or business is set up for service, your next step is to connect to your network and get online.

Using a Ting Router

  • Picture of a Zyxel router

    The Zyxel EMG 6726 router has four ethernet ports on the back for wired connections. For optimal performance, we recommend directly connecting your devices to any of the four yellow Ethernet ports using an Ethernet cable.

    Network name and password

    Your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password are located on a sticker on the side of your router. The password is at the bottom of the sticker, following the colon in (WPA-PSK).

    To connect your device, look for a network with the same name on your device and enter the password. After connecting your wireless devices to the Wi-Fi, you're all set!

    Picture of a sticker with the Wi-Fi network name and password on a Zyxel router

    If you want to change the name and password of your network, see the article Setting Your Ting's Router's Wi-Fi Network Name and Password.

    If the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) listed on the back of the router does not appear on any of your wireless devices, you may need to reset the router to its default settings.

  • The eero Pro 6 is a mesh router system you can rent from us. To set it up, download the eero mobile app on your device:

    The app will guide you through the setup process. We also have a guide we created to help you out.

    eero 6 router

Bringing Your Own Router

Typically, the 'Internet' or 'WAN' port on your router needs to be connected to the port on the Ting fiber modem using an Ethernet cord. However, the specifics may vary based on your device.

If you need help choosing a third-party router, check out our guide here.

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