Starting up your Ting Internet service

Your residence is already set up for service, so the hardest part is already over! All you've gotta do now is connect to your network and get online.

Are you bringing your own router?

Your requirements may vary depending on your device, but generally speaking, the 'Internet' or 'WAN' port on your router will connect to the port on the Ting fiber modem with an ethernet cord. 

If you're looking for some help on what to look for in a 3rd party router, we've got your back.

Are you using one of our routers?

Zyxel EMG 6726

The Zyxel EMG 6726 router has four ethernet ports on the back for your wired devices. If possible, connect any of your devices with an ethernet port directly to one of those four yellow ports with an ethernet cable to get the best speeds possible.

Network name and password

Your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password are on a sticker on the side of the router. Your password is at the bottom of the sticker, after the colon in (WPA-PSK). You should see a network with the same name on your device. Use the password to connect your device to that network name.  Connect to the Wi-Fi with your wireless devices, and you’re all set! 

We can also help you change the name and password of your network to personalize your experience!


Note: If the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) listed on the back of the router doesn’t come up on any of your wireless devices, the router might need to be reset back to the default setting.

eero Pro 6

The eero Pro 6E is a mesh router system that can be rented from us.


Setting up your eero Pro 6 mesh router requires the eero mobile app.

Once you've got that downloaded, the app will help you set up your network! We've also created a handy little guide to help you along the way.

Need to rent equipment? 

Chat in or give us a call, and one of our advisors will be able to get a router sent your way in no time!

Additional support

If you find yourself having issues with your service or equipment, you can always contact us.

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