Setting Up Your eero Pro 6 Ting Router

Download the eero App

To set up your Eero Pro 6 Ting Router, download the free eero app on your mobile device - this cannot be done on a web browser. This app provides step-by-step instructions to get your system online. It also serves as your control center for all router settings and offers guidance on optimal router and node setup.

Video Directions

Step-by-Step Directions

Before setting up the router:
• Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device is enabled, as it's required for the router setup connection.
Unplug any old routers to avoid interference.

1. Open the eero app on your mobile device and create an eero account.



Use an ethernet cord to connect your eero router to the Ting fiber modem.



Plug the eero router (also known as the gateway) into a power outlet and turn it on.



In the eero app, set up your network by creating its name and password.

If you need the serial number for your eero device, it’s on the sticker at the bottom of the router. Look for the number that follows the letters "SN"




Identify the optimal locations to put the nodes.

  • To test the connection signal in your home, begin with no nodes connected and identify areas with a weak signal.
  • Position the node midway between the main router and the area with the weak signal.
  • For the best performance, make sure the node is visible — it’s not hidden by furniture or in front, on top, or under other electronic devices since metal objects will block Wi-Fi signals.

In the eero app, add the node to the eero network.

  • The node's blue LED light flashes while it's syncing and then turns solid when it's connected.



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