Setting up your eero Pro 6 Ting Router

Our friends at eero have done a lot of work to help us out with making the setup of the eero Pro 6 a cinch. 

The first thing you'll need to do is grab the eero app on your mobile device. This app will be your control center for all your router settings and your instructor on how to best set up your router and nodes. 

The app will also be your guide and provide you with step by step details to getting your system online.

If you're more of a visual learner, eero has us covered with a setup video that you can follow along with!

Setup time

Before setting up the router ensure that the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device is turned on as it is needed to connect to the router for setup. 

  1. Launch the eero app on your mobile device and create an eero account.
  2. Connect your eero router to the Ting fiber modem with an ethernet cord.
  3. Plug the router (also referred to as the eero gateway) into an available power outlet and turn it on. 
    • Be sure that any old routers are unplugged to avoid interference. 
  4. In the eero app, create your network by giving your network a name and password.
    • You may be directed to input your eero device's serial number. This can be found on the sticker located on the bottom of the router. The letters SN will show you which is the correct number. It's small but it's there!
    • Congrats! From here, you should be online and able to connect to your network, but let's get those nodes connected as well.
  5. Select the best spots to put the nodes.
    • A pretty good rule of thumb is to test the connection signal in your home without any nodes connected to locate any areas with a weak signal.
    • The node should be placed at an equal distance between the main router and the area with the weak signal.
      • Be sure that your node is out in the open. Avoid placing it under furniture or on other electronic devices to ensure best performance.
  6. In the eero app add the node to the eero network.
    • The blue LED light while flash while it is syncing up and turn solid when it is connected. 

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